Monetizing Social Media Marketing

Helping You Build a More Successful Online Business using Best Practices in Social, Local, Mobile and Video Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Audit

    A Social Media Audit is the first step before you can deploy a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy.

    Social Media Audit
  • Local SEO

    Google has replaced their 7 Pack with the newer 3 Pack in Local Search Results.

    Local SEO
  • Video SEO

    Video SEO requires unique Video SEO Techniques to get your Videos Viewed.

    Video SEO
  • Mobile SEO

    More People are Searching for You on a Mobile Device than on Desktop PC or MAC. Are your Mobile Friendly?

    Mobile SEO
  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing is the best way to Increase Online Visibility, Build a Brand, and Grow Influence with your Audience.

    Content Marketing
  • Social SEO

    Social SEO is more about getting your content found, seen, +1’d, liked, retweeted and shared than it is getting links pointing to your site.

    Social SEO

Social Shares the New SEO

Social Signals and Social Shares are the New SEO Metric that will soon replace conventional link building as the key factor for getting your website ranked on Google. Numerous studies have shown that Google is tracking the quantity and quality of your social signals and social shares your Authorship and content generate in order to determine your Authority.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, has said, “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”

To get ranked on page 1 of Google, you still need to use good on-page optimization SEO tactics so the search engines knows what your content is about and where to serve it up in the search results, be it page 1 or page 101. It's common knowledge that your write for your readers and optimize for the search engines. This concept should be applied to your video marketing, mobile web marketing, social media and content marketing efforts as well.

We know Google likes fresh, relevant optimized content. We know consistency counts. We know that back links, while still important, do not influence the search results as much as they once used to and that user experience, download speed, citations, customer reviews, image and video marketing are all key ranking factors. We don't know if and when Author Rank will replace page rank.

I would submit to you that in order to get more social web traffic, you need to have a robust social link wheel that is visually consistent for branding value, contains the same marketing message and tagline so as to build brand awareness.

Having a method to create, curate and syndicate quality content to the socials where your customers are most active is the fastest way to rise above the noise level to get your marketing message, found, seen, read and shared. This is why hiring a Social SEO expert to execute your social media audit is critical to your future online marketing success.