5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should have a .Mobi Website

Big companies like BMW, Ferrari, Hilton Hotels, ESPN, Maxim and Go Daddy have expanded their reach with their own mobile websites – and now you can too!

When you have your own .Mobi site, you can:

Launch a mobile-friendly companion site to compliment your main site
Mobile sites are smaller, faster and more concise so they can be easily accessed via a variety of mobile devices, including cell phones, Smart Phones, Windows Mobile  and RIM devices

Make it easy for people who are ‘on-the-go’ to find you
Perfect for pizza restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, mechanics, plumbers, carpet cleaners or any  business that wants to be easily accessible to local residents and travelers alike.

Tap into the Fast Growing Mobile Audience

The graph below show the Top 9 Mobile Browsers in North America. You’ll want to make sure your new mobile website looks good on all of these smart phone devices.

By 2013, there will be twice as many smart phones with a web browser capability as there are PC’s. The sooner your Brand and website becomes “mobile-friendly” the sooner you can compete for this fast growing global audience.

Make things convenient for your customers
With a .Mobi site, your customers can make reservations, get directions, buy tickets, arrange deliveries, access special offers and more — all from their mobile phone!

Consumer Convenience Widgets

  • Click-to-Call
  • Tell-A-Friend
  • Add-to-Phone Book
  • Get Driving-Directions

Protect your Brand from Copycats and Competitors
Don’t let someone else register the .Mobi version of your existing Web site. Plus, you’ll be enhancing your Brand by expanding into a new and growing mobile audience.

“Ready – Fire – Aim” Try to Avoid this Common Mistake

Before you or your web guy hits the publish button, make sure you Test Test Test and then Test one more time. The idea is to make sure your .Mobi site loads fast, displays your content well, is easy for your visitors to navigate and has been thoroughly optimized for the mobile search engines. The same SEO rules that apply to your main site will also apply to your .Mobi site. This is a screen shot of a .Mobi site after running it through a .Mobi ready compliance engine.

Compare the Before and After

A simple visit and visual inspection to your main web site and your Mobi site will help you decide if you’re good to go. Notice the difference in how the information and graphics are presented in the screen shot below. A few quick image and  font adjustments will remedy this in a snap!

  • Click Here to view my Mobile site on your iPhone, Blackberry or Nokia phone
  • Contact Me if you’d like discuss further how to get your own custom .Mobi site

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Neil Ferree

Social SEO Consultant at Ferree Money
Neil Ferree Provides Social SEO and Content Marketing Services to the Small Business Community with Best Practices in Social, Local and Video Marketing Strategies and Techniques.
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