A New URL Shortener on Steriods

Scrnch.me is a comprehensive and complete URL Shortening, Organizing, Do-It-All type of redirection service specializing in providing the absolute best URL Shortening experience.


Ever seen a URL link that looked as Nasty as this one?


Would you like to see and have to click on or copy/paste the link above?

Or use this one instead: http://scrnch.me/Neil

Would you believe they both go to the exact same location? Scrnch Me helps you create these shorter links! Along with OODLES of more exclusive features!

Creating shortened URLs is NOT just a trend!

In fact, it’s practically a necessity in how we live today. Whether it’s in sending an SMS text, on Twitter or other micro- or normal blogging platforms, or just simplifying how we link to things with easy to remember URLs. Plus, it maintains the integrity of the url itself using SEO friendly redirect scripts – so you don’t have to cloak your URL any other way, plus keep it short and simple! HOWEVER! Don’t be fooled! Shortened URLs are great but make sure they help you promote your brand and don’t hurt you in the long-run!

The Benefits of Great URL Shortening Services

Why You Need to Shorten Your URLs

First off, there many URL shorteners out there, and some have some really neat features, however, you need to choose a URL shortener that will allow you to keep and maintain your brand while giving you all of the flexibility that you NEED as a shortened URL user! Think Stats & Analytics

They’ve compiled a list of the major features that Scrnch Me feels are extremely critical in using a URL shortener service… and that you’ve read this far, it says that you too want to make sure you’re using a high-class service.

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at the features deemed most important by their users as well as how these features compare to others!

  • Less Means More for you and your click-ees!
  • Having smaller links means more room to say more… especially in micro blogging platforms or your emails to friends or customers.
  • Protect promotion links that contain your Affiliate or specific Tracking ID’s!
  • Track Statistics to see which shortened URL is performing better!
  • Consolidated Reporting allows you to quickly assess which keywords, links and referring sites (and their specific pages) are performing the best!
  • Rock-Solid SEO Friendly Redirects without requiring a database or file system using ‘Best Common Practice’ and Highly-Acceptable Redirect Methods.
  • Allows for Creative Link Creation and Use using ‘SEO Candy’ URLs (even though it’s a scrnch’d/shortened URL), while maintaining URL integrity and customer trust, either with branding URLs under your own domain name or at the very least having descriptive enough ‘Personalized Extensions’ and much more! You would probably be extremely surprised to see some of the ways Scrnch Me shortened URLs.

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Become a SCRNCH Member and see for yourself.

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