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I’m Neil Ferree of

Monetizing Social Media Marketing is My Mission.

I use tested and proven social media marketing tools, apps, sites and processes to maximize and monetize my client’s social marketing campaigns. My SEO Strategies are holistic so future Panda and Penguin algorithm updates are not an issue.

Social SEO Expert

I learned Internet Marketing (IM) the old fashioned way, I started out doing affiliate marketing. I learned my craft by spending 100′s of hours and $1,000′s of dollars on software tools and SEO training I found on the Warrior Forum.

warrior forum

My first few years in the MMO (make money online) space was spent learning how to build websites so I could sell other people’s products. I made a living earning commission checks from Clickbank, Market Samurai and other large affiliate networks.

I use Best-of-Class tools in keyword research, on page optimization, off page optimization, link building, video marketing, and a host of other IM skills that require experience and a lot of trial and error to be able to perform at expert level.

SEO Results

When it comes to marketing my SEO Services to the small business community, I follow a simple formula. Before I ask a businessman to send me a PayPal, I need to prove the SEO Plan I’m proposing and the problem I’m solving is one I’ve already done for myself, so he knows he’s not playing the role of the guinea pig. Unless I can show real world examples of how I’ve done this on my own social footprint, there’s no deal. I like to work with people who walk their talk.

Web 3.0 SEO means Social Shares is the New SEO

In the old days, we could outrank a competitor site by getting more links with high PR to our site using various link building tactics. Some were within Google quality guidelines, some weren’t. Panda and Penguin has changed all that. It won’t be long before social shares will rival do-follow links as the key ranking factor for getting a web page ranked at the top of the search results. I’ve done this many times and have a bunch of examples of such on my Blog.

Neil Ferree

Neil Ferree

I follow a simple principle I picked up from Ronald Reagan years ago, Trust but Verify. In other words, we can talk for ½ hour for free, so you can gauge whether I have the expertise you need to make your problem go away.

Click here to schedule a 30 minute free phone consult to discuss your Social, Local, Mobile and Video SEO issues.

Here’s the Link to my Google+ Local Listing (5 Star Reviews)

5 Star Reviews

If my explanation and plan makes sense, we do a deal. If it don’t • we won’t. I can honestly tell you this. I’ve had many marketers and entrepreneurs tell me that I’ve taught them more in 30 minutes then they’ve learned in months doing it the hard way. Here’s an example.

Let’s Talk Soon!

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Neil Ferree

Social SEO Consultant at Ferree Money
Neil Ferree Provides the Small Business Community with His Expertise in Social SEO and Local SEO and Video SEO Consulting Services