Attorney Internet Marketing SEO Blueprint

This is a How To tutorial for setting up an Attorney Internet Marketing SEO campaign.


It doesn’t matter if your firm trying to get your site ranked at the top of Google for your target keyword + target city (i.e.) Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney or if you’re a Plumber trying to accomplish the same thing (i.e.) get your site ranked at the top for Los Angeles Plumber, the same 6-step formula should be applied in both cases. Here’s the 6-steps you or your SEO consultant need to do.

  1. Conduct Your Keyword Research
  2. Conduct Competitive SEO Analysis
  3. 1,000 Word Article (Optimized KWs)
  4. Repair W3C Markup Errors (Red Alerts)
  5. Launch One-Way Link Building Program
  6. Track One-Way Link Progress (Rinse & Repeat)

Attorney Internet Marketing Keyword Research

There are dozens of keyword research tools to do this task. I use “Best-of-Class” tools. Namely, Google Keyword Tool, Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder, Premium SEO (proprietary app). I start my keyword research via Google keyword tool. I’m looking for keywords with high for search counts that compliment my client’s niche markets. The goal is to find keywords with high search demand and filter this data for trends, CPC costs, competition and estimated traffic. I use phrase match vs. broad match. Once I find my high demand keywords, I enter the top 3 into my Premium SEO application.

Google keyword tool

Attorney Internet Marketing SEO Analysis

The objective in this step is to identify where the competition is vulnerable. This helps me develop a strategy for getting your site ranked on page 1 of Google for your target keyword and target city.

This report highlights:

  • where the competition is strong
  • if their site is optimized (or not)
  • # of backlinks (since its inception)
  • # of backlinks (in the last 30 days)
  • the popularity of the links
  • keyword phrase density
  • phrase aggregate

and a few proprietary SEO metrics that reveals the critical path to a page 1 ranking.

attorney internet marketing seo report

attorney internet marketing seo report

1,000 Word Optimized Home Page Submission

We all know how important on-page optimization is to a website SEO appeal. It requires more than just tags, titles and keywords. Metrics like: total word count, keyword phrase density, aggregate density, internal linking and the average # of links per referring domain are elements in the Premium SEO formula. When the search engines crawl a site, the home page must have these elements in place to be fully optimized and for this SEO strategy to be effective. As a rule of thumb, when authoring say an Ezine article we use 300-500 words as a marker. When authoring your home page narrative we use 1,000 words as a target word count. Following this formula is how SEO Pros do their SEO.

1000 Word Relevance Calculator

Repair W3C markup validation errors

Google is all about user experience. It prides itself on its algo being able to serve up the top rated pages for a given keyword search phrase. Mobile devices and mobile searches are becoming more dominant these days. This is why site speed is becoming an important SEO metric. And this is why scanning your site via the W3C validation markup engine is needed. When the search engine crawls a site, if it gets bogged down trying to scan a site’s coding errors, it will simply exit the site and not index it. Our W3C experts are well equipped to find and fix these W3C coding errors. Depending on how corrupt the code is, the fee to scan and repair W3C coding errors runs $100-$300 per site.

W3C markup validation

Attorney Internet Marketing SEO Link Building

Link building is one of the most important factors in getting a piece of content (webpage, article, video) ranked at the top of a SERP like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Building links is critical to promote your website. Done correctly, link building will increase the number of links pointing to your website, significantly improve your SE ranking and greatly increase traffic to your site. This translates to better search engine visibility and more importantly, more qualified leads for you to engage with. One of the critical aspects of a successful link building campaign is that it must be natural. In addition, the links should include appropriate alt-text (using the 2-3 target keywords) anchors. Avoid those SEO shops that do these tasks using automated software. It may take longer and cost more to do this manually, but the results are well worth the added time and expense, especially in managing our sites in a post-Panda and post-Penguin SEO world.

attorney internet marketing seo anchor text links

The Importance of One Way Links

One-way links are links to your website where you do not have to provide a link back to another website in exchange. One-way links or non-reciprocal links establish a more authoritative view of your website with the search engines, so long as you adhere to the Dos and Dont’s of one-way link building.

One-Way Links Chicago bankruptcy attorney

One-way Backlinking Dos

  • get links from real websites
  • focus on getting links to inner pages of your site
  • build natural domain authority
  • add lots of new content to your site
  • make sure your web page is optimized for EVERY keyword phrase
  • make sure your content is shareable see Web 2.0 Link Wheel

attorney internet marketing seo analysis

One-way Backlink Building Don’ts

  • build only site wide links
  • build only site interlinking  (especially) if you’re using keyword rich anchor text
  • build only blog comment links
  • build only article marketing links
  • build only RSS syndication links
  • build only directory links

How Social Shares is Impacting SEO

It should come as no surprise that social media marketing should have a major role in your SEO strategy. Some experts predict social shares will rival if not replace conventional link building, although not in the immediate future. Still, it’s not a minute to soon to find out which social networks your prospects and customers participate and make sure you have a strong presence there as well. Look at this way. If a major person with 50,000 Facebook Fans or a guy with 1.3 million people in his Google+ Circles decides your article is the bomb and clicks your Google +1 Button so everyone in his social network will get an alert indicating you’re a credible source on topic “x” – this will greatly impact your SEO appeal on multiple levels.

social shares is the new seo

Authorship SEO Links

Google calls it a Rich Snippet. We in the SEO space call is Authorship or rel=author code. Regardless of what you call it, the time to connect your Google credentials to your website content is now. Here’s why.

Quality content is and will always be at the top of the food chain. You want to be known in your space as the go to expert. When your G+ profile and accompanying photo is linked to your authored content, this is a very effective method to brand yourself or your company and a proven tactic for amplifying your social signals.

Authorship Rich Snippet

Attorney SEO Rich Snippets

How to Dominate Your Local Market

Hopefully, the above information has convinced you that becoming the big dog for a given keyword in a given metro is very doable, so long as your SEO consultant follows a strict SEO methodology. The first step in determining how much and how long it will take to get your website to rank at the top of the SERP is to figure out the right target keyword for your target city in your niche market.

I’ve partnered with Premium SEO with a focus on Attorney Internet Marketing SEO campaigns. The table below is a small sampling of the page 1 rankings we’ve acquired for a variety of law firms in major USA cities. Click the target keyword and notice that each of these law firms rank on page 1 of Google, usually in the top position for their given targeted keyword. What would a page 1 Google ranking do for your business?

attorney internet marketing seo page 1 rankings


As I mentioned in the video above. I wrote this article as a DIY guide for setting up an Attorney Internet Marketing SEO campaign. If your intention is to do this work “in-house” feel free to print this article using the java script button below, have at it and good luck!

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If you would like me provide you and estimate on how much and how long it will take me to get your law firm ranked at the top of the search engines for your target keywords and target city, get in touch and let’s talk about it.

I will conduct an analysis of your website, identify your optimal Keyword(s) determine an appropriate link building schedule and give you a quote on how much and how long it should take me to get you ranked at the top of Google. If my numbers appeal to you, I will design for your firm a comprehensive 100 day Attorney Internet Marketing SEO campaign.

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