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Attorney Marketing and Law Firm Marketing in general is very competitive these days regardless of the practice area. This is especially true if you are a Bankruptcy Lawyer. An Attorney marketing strategy in the Bankruptcy practice area that includes optimized video marketing content will produce better results, here’s why.

Attorney Video Marketing on YouTube

If you search YouTube for Attorney Marketing, you will see there are over 7,000 videos for that search term. Search YouTube for Bankruptcy Attorney there are over 14,000 videos for that search term. Search YouTube for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney there are over 6,000 videos and if you search YouTube for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney there are 6,030 videos for that search term.

Attorney Video Marketing Strategy

Its common knowledge that to compete in the ultra competitive YouTube space, you must produce quality video content. What’s NOT commonly known, is how to get more YouTube views for the same amount of time and effort. That’s where the new attorney marketing video model I’ve developed comes into play. I developed this under the radar technique that let’s me (and my clients) dominate the suggested video feed on YouTube!

Watch this video entitled: How to Get More Views on YouTube

As you saw in the video, by using my suggested videos optimization techniques, you will greatly increase your YouTube video views without spending any more time or effort. The more you use this technique, the more likely your “suggested videos” will become your #1 Traffic Source like it has for me! The trick is to make sure your video content is fully optimized by having the right;

  • Video Title
  • Category
  • Description
  • Closed Caption Transcript
  • Custom Video Thumbnail
  • Social Friendly YouTube Channel

and a few other video marketing optimization “trade secrets” techniques that I will deploy in your behalf if you decide to hire me and we use this powerful attorney marketing video marketing technique to increase your video views.


Dominate Suggested Videos on YouTube

Here is a screen shot of a client who is targeting “Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney”. As you can see, six of his other videos dominate the “after video” screen. Ideally, you will want to have a minimum of 6 videos so that your attorney marketing video messages populate both the right side of the page and the end of video thumbnails on YouTube.

attorney marketing

Here are two simple techniques you can use to “brand” your videos.

  1. Create a custom thumbnail that is relevant to your video series
  2. Shoot your videos in the same setting like Fraley did in the screen shot above

The reason for this is that the common visual queue will (over time) become your YouTube branded thumbnail and use this visual as your video calling card. I developed a 4 step process using PowerPoint that let’s me create a custom thumbnail and resize it so it renders perfectly on YouTube. I then upload each of these custom thumbnails to my Flickr account. I then optimize each image to mirror the YouTube Video and the accompanying Blog posts thereby creating an SEO triage effect.

Suggest Video #2 Traffic Source

attorney marketing traffic source

Over time, as your videos populate the suggested video feed and the end of video on feed to your target topic, you will soon realize that your videos are being viewed simply because you own the YouTube content page for that search topic. The goal is to become recognized as a thought leader or subject matter expert in your field. If you would like more details on the costs involved in deploying this attorney marketing video model, give me call. You can find my contact info here

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