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What exactly does Social Bookmarking do for me?

Social bookmarking is an extremely effective technique for getting new sites indexed faster by Google. Not only that but the links from social bookmarking sites can generate a nice increase in your sites rankings as well. To top it all off social bookmarking can be extremely effective at raising your sites natural traffic volumes.

Directory Submission

Directory Submissions is a technique that has been around for quite some time. Directory Submissions is a great way to build a large volume of back links back to your site. A very large portion to SEO is how many back links you have pointing to your site. Traffic-Bug is one of the very few software’s if not the only one that completely automates Directory Submissions. There are other software’s out there that can do directory submissions but not like Traffic-Bug. With Traffic-Bug you can simply set and forget and it will go on and on building you backlinks and even solving the CAPTCHA for you!

RSS Distribution

RSS distribution. This is another greatly powerful method to raising your sites rankings and helping get a site indexed as well as slightly improving natural traffic. RSS aggregators take your RSS URL and display them on their sites. Not only will this allow a chance for real visitors to follow your link back to your site but it provides link juice and can help with rankings.

Search Engine Submissions

Search Engine Submissions. There are hundreds of search engines on the web and Traffic-Bug ensures that you will be listed on all of them. Currently the software already does 139 Search Engine submissions. Even if some search engines aren’t that popular it could still provide you some traffic you might not have received otherwise .

Traffic-Bug has a nice balance of short term and long term benefits. Social Bookmarking and RSS distribution can greatly help a sites ranking in the short term while Search Engine Submission and Directory Submission can begin to help your site in the long term.

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Traffic-Bug completely automates Social Bookmarking, Directory Submissions, Search Engine Submissions and RSS distribution.

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