Content Marketing System Best Practices

If Content is King then Content Distribution is Queen and nowadays, the Queen Tumps the King. Its become common knowledge that our online visibility is the key to gaining traction in the ultra competitive social media landscape. Curating quality content and sharing (syndicating) that content to our top social channels has become a must have skill set for all successful internet marketers.

Content Marketing System Tools and Apps

The tools & apps (free & for a fee) you’ll need in this content marketing system include:

The social profiles referenced in this article and embedded video include: Google+, YouTube, SlideShare and At the heart of this content marketing system is the content curation and syndication platform. The first task is to configure your topics around a specific area of expertise. One of the most useful features of the platform is its curation engine, in how it scours the web and automatically retrieves articles, videos, tweets, slideshare decks and RSS feeds based on the keywords you’ve targeted in the manage sources module.
Everyday you will want to click the red suggestions button and find ½ dozen pieces of content that you think will resonate with your target audience. There are guidelines you should follow closely when curating content via the curation engine. Its not rocket science but you have to pay attention to some basic rules if you want your content and marketing message to raise above the noise level out there.
I should point out, this content marketing system article assumes you’ve already conducted a thorough social media audit and you’ve clearly identified your target audience that you want to reach in the social websphere. Which is to say, you have defined the persona of who you want to reach, the message that will resonate with them, what social channel they are most active on and you have multiple CTA’s (call to action) triggers you’ll include in your articles, videos and decks that will motivate them to engage with you and your brand.

Content Marketing System Dashboard

I find it very handy to have a visual queue of my Top 10 Socials in a web based social dashboard. In this case, I use the Foxtab Chrome extension so I can quickly visit my top socials and take the appropriate action based on the social engagement that’s occurred. It helps to have a color coded set of filtered folders in Gmail so when you get an alert when a social signal occurs and you want to act on it.

Content Marketing System Best Practices [Video]

I produced and published this video back in January, some 60 days ago. Back then, had not yet introduced its new Google Authorship feature, which as we all know is key to gaining stature in the social authority relm. Before this new feature set was enabled, we could still manually share a Scooped story to our Google Plus stream, but now we can share content directly to our Google Plus Brand page, plus! we can drop in our Google Authorship credentials which carries with it all kinds of additional Social SEO value. Yeah Baby!

Your Results May Vary
As you can see in the screen capture below, I have 3 socials profiles that rank on page 1 of Google (above the fold) for the long tail keyword search term content marketing system best practices. Granted, this long tail search term doesn’t have the search volume as do queries like personal injury attorney nor is the bid price even close to $12.50 per click. However, when someone is looking for and searches Google for content marketing system best practices and they see multiple page 1 SERPs with my Rich Snippet attached and they hit my website or one of my social profiles, the odds of them engaging with me goes up exponentially.
I searched Google for content marketing system best practices to generate this screen shot. This is what the query looks like if you want to confirm on your own system so you can test this search query yourself.


You’ll notice these submissions were authored in early January, so it took less than 60 days for Google to crawl, index and rank these webpages with a page 1 SERP. I can’t promise you will get the same results in the same time frame. I’m going to see how long it takes this blog article to snuggle up to the current 3 page 1 SERP’s. My guess is it won’t take 60 days like these did.

Content Marketing System Summary

Content Marketing and Social SEO can go a long way towards increasing your social media presence. Having an effective and efficient content marketing system requires planning, execution and constant testing and refinement. With little barrier to entry, almost every niche has become uber-competitive.

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