Content Marketing with Authorship and DiY Process is the Perfect Storm

Content Marketing is Simple But Not Easy

Content Marketing is a skill set every online marketer should be improving upon in 2013. There is mounting evidence that social signals and social shares are beginning to influence the SERP’s. When you consider the fact that every 48 hours, we produce in volume the same amount of information we produced from the beginning of mankind until 2003, it’s obvious getting our message found, seen, read, touched and shared is as difficult as it’s ever been. I got this scary factoid from a video I found by Gary Vanderchuk when he gave the keynote speech at the INC 500 2011 event.

Social Shares is the Future of SEO

Many SEO experts (me included) predict that social signals and social shares will eclipse link building as the key ranking factor in the not too distant future. For the past 13 months, I’ve been focusing on how to build a DiY Content Marketing system any small business owner can operate, once they have gone through the 7 Step content marketing and planning processes.

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7 Steps to Create a Content Marketing System

There are 7 steps to this DiY Content Marketing System. Each of these processes need to be addressed before you try and launch your Content Marketing strategy. As is usually the case, it’s all in the Planning, so I sourced these awesome CM planning guides and packaged them in a Bitly Bundle.

1) Read These Top Content Marketing Planning Guides
A neat way to host these Top CM Planning Guides I created a Bitly Bundle and I worked up a PearlTrees if you prefer a more graphic UI. These are all top shelf content marketing guides, worth reading.

2) Install SMB and Social Dashboards to Google Analytics
Sign into GA so you can add these handy Dashboards

3) Scan your Website using Best-of-Class SEO tools
Top Cities, Top Content Shared, Top Social Network Traffic

4) Inventory Your Top Social Media Profiles
SEOmoz, Majestic SEO, Market Samurai, Rich Snippet

5) Critique Your Top Social Media Profile Branding
Start with your Top 5 (G+, FB, Twitter, YT, LinkedIn) Is the Color scheme, tagline, titles, imagery and meta in sync?

6) Set-up Social Monitoring and Listening Signals 
Set-up Mention,, Topsy, and Twilert to augment (outgoing) Google Alerts

7) Set-up RSS Content Curation Feeds
Set-up Feedly, RSS Feed Reader and Content Curation Routines

This entire PM schedule is available in my Social Media Audit that I host on WorkFlowy 

Content Marketing Planning
Once you have read through the Content Marketing planning guides, you will be in a much better position to know why Content Marketing is one of the most important skills you can acquire this year. Some of these reads are 5-10 minutes, some are 20-30 minutes. The 2 Infographics contains all the numbers you will want to know about. This is powerful information if used properly.

I created this SlideShare deck to inventory to top level action items with links to the source files hosted on my Google Drive. The neat thing about SlideShare is you can embed a YouTube Video in between slides to convey the message using video vs. foils. This deck covers;

  • Tier 1 Socials
  • Tier 2 Socials
  • CM Planning Guides on PearlTrees
  • Social Media Audit on Google Drive
  • YouTube Video (19 min. shorter version)
  • Social Content Syndication Model 1 (see below)
  • Social Profile Branding (FB, T, G+, YT,
  • Social Signals and RSS and Engagement (
  • Social Monitoring + Listening Triggers (
  • Social Content Marketing Schedule (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • WebMeUp Social Metric Monitoring (socials, links, KW rankings)

Conventional SEO still Matters

Your on-page optimization for SEO is still very important. Hopefully, you’re running on the WordPress platform and your mobile friendly version is in the works!

Your off-page optimization SEO and link building are still important! Links still heavily influence the SERP’s and will continue as such, so you can’t skimp on building links yet.

Suffice to say, your Rich Snippet connected the content you create and curate and syndicate to your top socials will take time to percolate. the good news is, once this is fully baked, the 1,000′s of social signals and shares and engagements your content creates will be worth its weight in gold, so when Author Rank is “officially” integrated into the major Google algorithm, you’ll be in the pole position.

Social Marketing Sphere of Influence
Being able to get the right message to the right person at the right time on the right social network will have a major impact on the results of your content marketing effort. That’s why it’s so important to know who your ideal customer is, where (which social network) he/she will most likely find, see, touch and share your content (marketing message) have a blueprint on how to identify what social signals you should be monitoring so you can find your way into the social dialogue and (when appropriate) engage your future customers by adding value to the relationship, so when the time comes that they want/need your services, you are a know and trusted entity.

Content Marketing is a Must Have Skill Set

One of the most sought after social seo experts recently wrote a landmark article entitled: Build your Authority Not your Author Rank. In his article, AJ Kohn details his insight into what Author Rank could be and might be vs. what it is today and more importantly, what to monitor as this new social SEO dynamic becomes more mature over time. But like his title says, your objective is to build your authority not your author rank.

The Name of the Game is Get in the Game

In other words, get in the game and perfect your presence over time. A year from now, you will wish you had started today. I predict that he with most social signals and social shares who’s content gets shared by trusted identities wins the SERP war!

A year from now, you will wish you had started today


There are many steps and moving parts involved in designing, developing and deploying a social DiY Content Marketing System. Over the past 13 months, I’ve produced a significant body of work that details the many social media tools, apps and sites one would need to know about and learn how to use to successfully roll out an effective and efficient content marketing system.

This body of work includes, Social Shares SEO on Listly that details the top social apps, tools and sites I reference in my 29 minute YouTube video that details each of the images and where they fit in my DiY Content Marketing System.

This SlideShare desk is a scaled down version of the process into more digestible portions with links to Social Media Audit Master and my WorkFlowy Project management Schedule and notice it includes the updated video. This is my social web 2.0 link wheel on content marketing in motion.

The DiY Content Marketing System update video is the 19 minute condensed version of the original 29 minute video and still I hear its more than most want to consume in one sitting. Suffice to say, content marketing done right is not a meager undertaking and the payoff can be huge once it’s up and running on all cylinders. By creating and syndicating this body of work on my top socials, even Pinterest, I am alerting Google this contextual content is all connected and coming from my Rich Snippet

Next Step

If you’re in the market for a self service content marketing system that will help you add to your Authorship, increase your social signals and social shares, identify and engage your target audience and favorably influence the SERP’s I invite you to contact me to arrange for a no obligation 30 minute consultation to determine if us working together is a good fit. Click here to set a meet or call me and we can talk about it.

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