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Content Marketing is the best way to Increase Online Visibility, Build a Brand, and Grow Influence with your Audience.

My Content Marketing System includes a Content Curation layer synced up with your Social Monitoring and Listening signals. Once your Social Media Audit is complete, we take your Tier 1 Social Profiles and add a content syndication layer to the model. This diagram shows a Phase 1 Post Audit Social Footprint configured for and

Content Curation and Syndication

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Your Social Link Wheel is Your Social Microphone

The goal is to make sure you have an active and optimized profile on each of the top social networks so you can grow your reach (followers) to ensure your marketing message gets seen by the largest possible audience. This methodology helps make this possible.

I provide you with Social Media Audit Master and I use WorkFlowy to manage your social audit and build your custom DiY Content Marketing System.

How to Build a Content Marketing System

There is no one size fits all configuration for this DiY Content Marketing System. Although, most clients have the same Top 6 Socials in their social link wheel.

To determine which social networks should be included in your social link wheel will depend upon where your target audience is currently most active.

Social SEO Community on Google Plus

I invite you to check out and join my Social SEO Community on Google Plus. When you do, you will have access to some of my best work product on how to get your arms around defining and deploying your own DiY Content Marketing System.

Some of these documents and processes might trigger questions on your end. If that be the case, I’m happy to speak with you via a Google Hangout to answer any questions you may have as a result of viewing this material. To schedule a one-on-one Google Hangout, simply visit my vCita page. The Review Below may help put your mind at ease.

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