Facebook FanSite Pre-Launch

A Facebook FanSite is not your everyday vanilla Facebook Fan Page. Rather, a Facebook FanSite includes all of the functionality and editing capabilities of a full blown WordPress website. If you already know how to Optimize your WordPress website, then you already know how to Optimize your Facebook Fansite and THAT means NOW you can drive TRAFFIC a lot easier and a LOT faster to your Facebook FanSite.

Facebook FanSite Feature Function Set

  • Real-Time Sync of your WordPress site to your Facebook FanSite
  • Has all the Functionality of your current WordPress website
  • Real-Time 1-to-1 Dynamic Content Rendering Capabilities
  • Multi-page Information Gathering Lead Capture Forms
  • Display Photos, Videos and Optimized SEO friendly Content
  • Reveal Technology, Optin and other WP SEO plug-ins

Facebook FanSite Business Benefits

Attract more traffic to your site using WP SEO plug-ins
People who find you on Facebook will probably be interested enough into your product or service to click on a link that will take them directly to your website.

Increased Income Potential
Through Facebook’s innovative advertising options, you can make an income by targeting certain demographics and like-minded potential customers for a very low cost.

Easier search engine optimization
Facebook FanSite does more than heighten your exposure within a social network; a Facebook FanSite raises the odds of your site being found quicker on search engines.

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Increased Customer Loyalty
Current customers who follow your Facebook FanSite will develop an individual connection to your product or service, particularly if you are diligent about feedback and responses with their posts. Facebook Fansites offer fans chances to post pictures, provide product reviews and with loyal fans to post feedback and comments that may possibly attract others and provide you with priceless insight into the wants and also needs of your projected audience.

Get to Know Your Customers
Using Facebook’s analytics, you will get entry to valuable specifics about people who follow your Facebook FanSites, such as their gender, age and locale. Gaining a more rewarding knowledge of the demographics of your respective group of followers can help you more effectively reach particular people with targeted, customizable advertising.

Facebook FanSite BING Search

Starting today (May 16th) folks who use Bing search will receive personalized results based on what their trusted circle of Facebook friends LIKE. Microsoft research found that 90% of people surveyed seek advice from friends and family before making a decision. And 80% will delay such a decision until their pals give their stamp of approval. So Microsoft, via a partnership with Facebook, is hoping to leverage such relationships through its Bing search engine.

Facebook FanSites Personalized Search Results

Microsoft has expanded its social features in Bing. The company’s goal is to improve search by leveraging Facebook, so that users can receive personalized search results based on what their friends are saying and doing online.

facebook fansite bing search

Popular Sites: Bing shows collective Like results related to trending topics, articles, and Facebook FanSites, to find the most popular content. When you search for a recipe site, for example, you’ll see specific articles people have liked on that site to help you cut through the clutter and find recommendations from others – both your friends and the broader Facebook community.

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