FantaZ Gaming Where Skill Pays

FantaZ Gaming, where you can turn your gaming skills into money.

FantaZ Gaming is the ultimate gaming destination where you can play online games for free or win cash prizes. You can also turn it into a nice money making business by inviting people to join and earn commissions and bonuses as a ZBO (FantaZ Business Owner).

FantaZ is officially launching on September 1st, 2010, but you have a unique opportunity to join ahead of everyone else simply by signing up now. It’s free, there’s no obligation, and it secures your position when FantaZ goes live.

More so, if you sign up as a ZBO, you’ll be able to share custom links with your friends that will automatically make you the sponsor of everyone that clicks on the links.

That’s not all.

It rewards people for playing via a sophisticated MLM payment system.

FantaZ has been in the works for 4 years. The attorneys for Amway represent FantaZ. They expect this to be the Biggest MLM company ever. Chase Manhatten is taking care of the payroll, and money side to this Company. Microsoft, AT&T and many other large Companies are involved as well as many Celebs and NFL players.

FantaZ is a business that was started by four friends: Brett Kelly, Terry McEwen, Glenn Cadrez, and Brian Weiner. Fanta-Z Holdings LLC, is a Delaware LLC. They have an office in Las Vegas, but most of them live (and work) in Southern California.

The Illusion Factory | FantaZ
21800 Burbank Blvd. Suite 225
Woodland Hills, CA, 91367

FantaZ Gaming, Where Skill Pays

In order to pre-sign up for FantaZ, you must have a valid referral code, also known as a ZBO number. This is the number of the person that invited you to join FantaZ. If you do not have the referral code, contact the person that invited you to get it.

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