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Your social media footprint, known as your social media sphere of influence will have a major impact on your SERP search engine results page.

A few of years ago, if you had a website, a blog, a YouTube Channel, and an account on a few forums and you authored and published fresh, relevant content on a top tier article directory, you had a decent chance of being able to generate free organic traffic to your site and compete in your niche market.

As Social Media has permeated virtually every aspect of our personal and business lives, the rules have changed. Nowadays, it would a good move to look for ways to expand your social media G1 Blueprint footprint and therefore, your social media sphere of influence.

I’ve recently come to know about an SEO company on the east coast (Boston area) that has strong domain expertise in social media marketing and search engine marketing.

I would bet many of you have an active profile on dozens of these social networking and bookmarking sites. With their permission, I invite you check out and download these two comprehensive social media marketing maps from Overdrive. This is part and parcel of what your G1 Blueprint will entail.

Social Media Map G1 Blueprint

Social Media Marketing Map

Search Marketing Map G1 Blueprint

Search Marketing Map

As is the case with most complex, evolving processes, knowing what the elements are and how to acquire them, is only the first step. Maximizing their impact, optimizing the content and when possible, automating your content distribution to hundreds of these social networks, can make a huge difference in whether you generate a respectable amount of traffic versus an enviable amount of free organic Google Traffic.

Social Media Networks | G1 Blueprint Recommended Sites

  • Top Social Media Networks

  • Top Search Marketing Map

[Note] The 2 links above are downloadable PDF documents. Each social network is hyperlinked to the site, which will come in handy!

Just as importantly, is what you need to do in order to maximize your presence, and optimizing your connection with each of theses social networks. An occasional Tweet or Facebook update won’t cut it anymore. These days, you need to amp up the quantity and quality of what Google values: fresh, relevant content, published and shared on similar websites that are congruent with your targeted: tags, titles, descriptions and keywords.


If you aren’t 100% sure which social media network you need to include in your G1 Blueprint, leave me a comment if you want me to share with you a tip/technique I use to ping these social networking sites and see where I have an active profile and what it looks like to the rest of the world. I just updated my main pic/photo on a few dozen sites, what a royal PITA but a task worth doing to try and keep my social media footprint in sync.


You can download both of these comprehensive social media maps and compare your current social media footprint versus what is available and fill the gap (where needed) as fast as you can. Keep in mind the 20/80 rule. In that, 20% of these sites will probably generate 80% of your action. (ie) Metacafe is a nice video network, bit it ain’t no YouTube.

  • Pick your Top 25 social networking sites
  • Pick your Top 25 search marketing sites
  • Optimize your web content for syndication
  • PixelPipe TubeMogul WordPress ShareThis
  • Do this to get Ranked on Page 1 of Google

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