Geo-Press Plug-in

Why install the Geo-Press Plug-in? There are a few very good reasons why you want to install  and use the Geo-Press Plug-in on your WordPress website.

The Geo-Press Plug-in is fast, efficient, complete and it works.

What the Geo-Press Plug-in Does

  1. It will create a geo sitemap and save it to the root directory and ping Google to let them know about the new sitemap.
  2. It will create a locations.kml (Keyhole Markup Language) and it’s what Google Places, Google Maps and Google Earth use to create markers for the map).
  3. It will create a properly formatted hCard for use on the sites sidebar.

geo press plugin

Geo-Press Plug-in Configuration & Benefits

  1. For “Longitude and Latitude” simply click the “Lookup” button after you enter the address and the longitude and latitude will automatically be filled in.
  2. Description – The description part of the “Location” is the part used as the description for the map marker in Google Places, Google Earth and Google Maps. Although it’s not necessary you can use some basic HTML in this area.
  3. After all information is entered into the form, simply click “Add Location” to save the location to the database.
  4. Repeat the steps above until all locations are entered.
  5. Once all the locations have been entered, you should see them listed under the “Current Locations” area of the plugin.
  6. Once all locations are entered, fill-out KML Description and KLM Author fields
  7. Click “Generate Geo Sitemap” doing this will accomplish 3 things:
    1. Create Geo Sitemap and save to the root folder of the site.
    2. Create KML locations file and save it to the root folder of the site.
    3. Ping Google to let them know about the new sitemap. (Note: It’s ALWAYS a good idea to manually enter the sitemap into your Google Webmaster Tools area. The name of the file is: geositemap.xml)
  8. The “Download Geo Sitemap” button at the bottom of the page is used to get a copy of the sitemap to upload to other sites
    1. Right click over the button and choose “Save Link As” to get the sitemap.


Geo-Press plug-in and KML Files

KML files, or Keyword Markup language files, is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. KML uses a tag-based structure with nested elements and attributes and based on the XML standard.This format was created by Keyhole, a company acquire by Google in 2004.

So, this is the location based XML mark-up language that Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Places use to format geographical data so the Googlebot understands it.

Here’s an example of a KML file from Google itself:

geo-press plug-in kml file


The structure of this file breaks down as follows:

An XML header. This is the line 1 in every KML file. No spaces or other characters can appear before this line.

  • A KML namespace declaration. This is line 2 in every KML 2.2 file
  • A Placemark object that contains the following elements:
    • A name that is used as the label for the Placemark
    • A description that appears in the “balloon” attache to the Placemark

If you know how to write code, anyone can build KML files and Hcard formatted addresses. For those what are proficient in coding simple mark-up such as the above, then you do not need this WordPress plug-in. However, watch this video Darren Jackson made on how to install, configure and deploy Geo-Press Plug-in so you will know what is entailed in doing this thing right.

Who needs the Geo-Press Plug-in

Anyone doing Local SEO and Google Places optimization who wants to simplify the creation of the location-based XML files and Hcard formatted addresses. Anyone who runs their site on WordPress and wants their Google Places Listing to get Ranked in the 7-Pack in Google Places

Geo-Press Plug-in Summary

Now that you understand the value of the Geo-Press Premium WordPress plug-in, you basically have 3 options to consider:

  1. DIY KML file coding (and good luck with that)
  2. Hire Me to do it for you (much better choice)
  3. Do Nothing (an option, but not a good one)

If you would like me to install the Geo-Press Plug-in on your WordPress website and configure it so that your Google Places listing ranks in the 7-Pack for your target keyword and target City;

Step 1. Send me your contact info

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