Google Business Pages Go Live on G+

Google Business Pages “Finally” Go Live on Google Plus.

G+ Business Pages

Dennis Troper, Director Product Management posted this comment on his G+ Stream today.

You can look forward to many more features and improvements in the coming weeks and months. This is just the beginning! Keep the feedback coming




After learning that Google Business Pages went live, I immediately hit the site and had a look around. I took a couple of screen shot of my online session. Here’s a few visuals on how you can claim and/or create a Google Plus Business Page.


Google Business Pages Set-Up

Step 1 | Locate Your Google Business Pages or Place


google business pages step 1

Step 2 | Add Your Google Business Pages Information

google business pages step 2





google plus business pageOne of the fastest way to grow your G+ Circles on Google Plus is to make sure you have the +1 Button easily noticed and accessible on all of your web sites.


This shot of Official Page for using G+ already has 1,198 +1 Hits on this page in less than 12 hours. The challenge is to attract attention to your G+ Business Page. How you promote your Google Business Pages, using keywords or SEO or email marketing to alert your user/readers will be a marketing issue moving forward.

Google Business Pages | Caveats

You might want to be a little cautious “before” you jump in with both feet on this one. I read more than a few “oops” comments from early movers on how they messed up this step or that step and didn’t know whether to edit their Google Business Pages entry or try and modify it or remove it all together and add a new business page. I’ll monitor closely the Official Page for using G+ and try and get my hands on the sure to arrive “cheat sheets” so I won’t have to visit the Google Business Pages forum and try and trouble shoot any missteps I might make. We all know how limited customer support is from Google.

Future for Google Business Page on G+

I suspect Google Places Maps will eventually be absorbed by Google Business Pages for G+ so long as users can SEO this new platform the same way as we do with Google Maps. We can already +1 images on G+ and now we can create a Google Business Pages. Just like we did and so with Facebook Fan Pages, we can engage our friends and prospects and customers on G+. It will be interesting to see how this new business platform evolves over time.



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