Google Cash Detective

What is The Google Cash Detective System?

Google Cash Detective 2 (GCD) delivers real time stats, so you can make a profit the same day you launch you PPC campaign. Customers can perform wild-card searches to find CPA/PPL campaigns and dozens of different affiliate networks.

GCD has real-time slideshow features (similar to Apple Cover Flow) that reveals the landing pages of your fellow Pay Per Click marketers. All Advertisements, display URLs, destination URLs and even landing pages are indexed by GCD and are fully searchable.

Other PPC Spy Tools make you wait until they’ve collected data before they’re useful, so you have to wait 2 weeks to 1 month until you have useful data! GCD is pre-loaded with keywords that already have 3 months of daily crawls and all you do is search for a keyword or URL and you receive months of historical data right at your finger tips.

Once you’ve found one profitable campaign with GCD you can easily find all of the other campaigns that that advertiser has in GCD. You can’t do this with other tools since you only have a small limit on the number of keywords you have.

Most competitive products have a hard limit of 500 keywords. However, GCD operates inside multi-server cloud infrastructure, allowing you to locate advertisers that are promoting for thousands of keywords! It reveals all of the keywords including those that produce profit, and the ones to avoid.

Who Needs this Product?

1.  Affiliate Marketers who want to consistently roll out profitable PPC campaigns without costly trial and error.

2.  Product owners who want to better understand the PPC environment and best marketing practices in their niches.

Currently, 2.5 million keywords are crawled daily and over 20 million URLs are in the database.  For each keyword and URL, a history of the Google AdWords pay per click activity is available in real time.

You can see every ad associated with a keyword.

You can see every keyword associated with an ad!

You can even do wild card searches and easily uncover profitable pay per click campaigns by the thousands.

How to Find Products to Promote?


When you use the Google Cash Detective 2 System, there is simply no guessing involved. You have an already proven profitable pathway to follow. Now you can setup a competing campaign in AdWords or you could setup the exact same campaign on Yahoo Search or Microsoft AdCenter. Google Cash Detective 2 identifies Profitable PPC Campaigns with a sustained, rock solid history. This means they produce long-term profit… It is a No-Brainer, Every Time!

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