How to Become a Content Marketing Ninja

Content Marketing can be cumbersome and time consuming but it doesn’t have to be either. This is an advanced Content Marketing Ninja Hack I’ve been using to drive targeted traffic to my Blog.

By following this routine, you can quickly find and curate quality content and share it with your target audience on multiple social networks.


You will need to have the these social media tools and profiles set up in advance in order to clone this content marketing methodology.

Content Marketing Ninja Tools

Content Marketing Ninja Profiles

Step #1 Search Feedly for your targeted keyword phrase

Set the priority filter to HIGH or HOT. I would start with High. If you get 10+ articles in the results, then you can raise the bar and adjust the filter to Hot. By doing this, you let Feedly find those articles that have the greatest number of social shares. I look for articles with at least 100 shares.

You can adjust the filter to search in your feedly dataset only or opt to search beyond feedly to include ALL blogs out on the websphere. You can adjust the filter to search for the keyword by Title, Author or All.

content marketing ninja search

Once you find an article that meets your requirements, click through and and read the entire article. You want to make sure the article delivers value (e.g.) the narrative matches the H1/title and the author didn’t skimp on the details.

content marketing feedly search high

Step #2 Create a URL for the curated article

You will need to install the Chrome extension to automate this part of the process. You will also need to connect your Twitter account to your account and connect both to your Buffer account. Once you create your shortened URL, click the copy button. I like to save these in a saved text file. Makes it easy to copy and paste the link in Step #3.

content marketing ninja sniply link

Step #3 Enter your shortened URL/link into your desired topic

You will want to have your “Insight” prepared in advance to add to your Scooped story. You will want to have a link to a complimentary article on your blog as well. You have the option to append/edit the title of the Scooped story. Now add your Insight to the Scooped story.

content marketing ninja scoopit

Step #4 Make sure your banner renders on your Scooped story

You will want to link your Scooped story to an article on your blog that compliments the original article.

In most cases, I search for a keyword phrase in Feedly that I have already written an article about. In my experience this will greatly increase your CTR on your shares.

content marketing sniply banner

Step #5 Post/share your Scooped story to your top social profiles

You can share directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, LI Groups, WordPress, Tumblr and G+ by checking the boxes. Google+ (personal profiles) Pinterest and Stumble require a manual 1-by-1 social sharing routine.

content marketing scoopit share

Content Marketing Ninja Summary

Except for Twitter, the Insight I add to my Scooped story will include a significant text narrative. I try to address the WiiFM factor vs. merely sharing content with no introduction as to what the article is about and the value add it contains.

I also like to include a CTA. When appropriate, I will include a link to an article on my blog, or hyperlink a keyword phrase to my SlideShare Deck or a YouTube video. If you mirror and model and clone this content marketing ninja routine, you will soon discover, you can schedule an excellent array of curated content and post it to your top social channels without spending an inordinate amount of time doing so.

Get in touch if you would like to schedule a Google Hangout and see this content marketing system in action and how you can implement it into your content marketing plan.


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