How to Build a Mobile Friendly Website

Let’s face it, Mobile Marketing is Booming! There are twice as many mobile phones as there are PC’s. Mobile search grew 130% in 2009. Having a dotMobi website is more important than ever for small business and big Brands alike. Building a mobile website that will be appealing to the mobile visitor and render cleanly on an iPhone, Android, Nokia or an Ericsson can get a little tricky. Here’s a few tips to consider when designing a dotMobi website.

Meet users’ needs quickly – Mobile and PC users can have different reasons for visiting the same site. Mobile users are more likely to want information to help them at that location or time, such as finding directions or finding out what’s going on nearby (think “local search”)

Don’t repeat the navigation on every page – Usable websites designed for PCs usually repeat the navigation on every page. However, screen real estate is precious on a mobile screen and navigation can push content off screen. Mobile website should only display the navigation on the homepage. On other pages only include links back to the homepage and back to the last important point along the path users have taken.

Only show essential information – Mobile phone screens are of course tiny and have only a fraction of the area or pixels on most PC monitors. Be sure to identify page requests coming from mobiles and only send down the most essential of information.

Place basic browsing controls on every page – To save screen space, mobile browsers usually don’t display basic controls such as ‘Back’ or they display the web page in full screen mode. As such, always include a ‘Back’ button on every page other than the homepage.

Optimize for Mobile –  Just like you did with your main website or blog, make sure you optimize your dotMobi website with appropriate titles, tags, descriptions and keywords.

Test with mobiReady – The mobiReady testing tool evaluates mobile readiness using industry best practices & standards.

Register a .Mobi Domain Name

For the same reasons your main website uses the .com extension, you will be much better off  registering a .mobi extension for your mobile website. 5 Reasons Why you need a dotmobi domain name.

Custom Options

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