How to Create a Flash Banner Ad That Generates Profitable Results

If you want to know how to create a professional flash banner ad from scratch in just a few minutes then this post will be a good read for you! I finally found an affordable software solution that lets me create my own Professional Flash Banner Ads and I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that has seriously increased my response rates using these techniques.

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3 Tips for Creating an Effective Custom Flash Banner Ad

Banner Ad Tip #1: Text Pulls Better Than Graphics

Big, bold red or yellow text pulls a better than graphics. I’m not saying you should not include graphics in your flash banners ads, but text should be the main motivating factor for clicking your ad. Having animated text is even better! Your banner should have a big, bold headline and strong supporting text that supports and reinforces the headline.

Banner Ad Tip #2: Highlight Your Most Powerful Benefit

In your headline, you’ll want to emphasize the most powerful benefit of your offer. Keep it Short and Sweet, but give it some PUNCH! Will it help someone land a new job? Make $1000 in in less than a week? Help them scratch that itch? Whatever it is, include your #1 Benefit in your headline to draw your prospects in! <Hint> Fear and Greed are two of the most compelling motivators!

Banner Ad Tip #3: Give a Specific Call to Action!

You need to give your prospect a Specific Call to Action and tell them what to do! Tell them to “Click Here” or “Download Now” or “Call 800 #” and you wil see your response rates for your Flash Banner Ad will immediately increase. If you do keep these 3 simple Tips in mind when creating your own Professional Flash Banner Ads, you will quickly produce the kind of profitable results you’re looking for.

While there are dozens of excellent software tools you can buy for $30 to $150 that let you create your own professional flash banner ad, being able to automatically (and universally) track your click through rates, modify the destination URL and other useful analytics, is a must have in today’s highly competitive online marketing world. The good news is, you can use this SaaS Solution that anyone can afford.

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