How to Curate Content Like a Pro

Ask any successful content marketing professional and they will surely tell you that, curating content plays a significant role in their content marketing strategy.

This is what I mean by the phrase “How to Curate Content like a Pro“.

I created this slideshare deck as a guideline on how to curate quality content and share it to the social web to increase online visibility and brand awareness.

Sourcing Content Like a Pro

Finding and sourcing quality content is one of the more time consuming tasks involved in the process. This is why I use Feedly as one of my main content discovery sources.

Notice how you can query Feedly (with the Pro version) to source your content filtered by (time, title and popularity)

how to curate content like a pro

I like to sort by popularity and time (< 30 days) to find recent and socially rich (popular) content. In the Feedly Pro version you can search your feedly blogs or you can search beyond your feedly to source content outside of feedly, ergo the entire social web.

Let’s schedule a 1-on-1 Google Hangout to discuss how this content curation and syndication model can help you increase your online visibility and brand awareness so you can curate content like a pro like I do.


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