How to Dramatically Increase Your Online Visibility

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Conversely, if you author an epic article and nobody sees it or reads it, does publishing it have the impact on your online visibility and brand awareness you were looking for?

How-to-Dramatically-Increase-OnLine Visibility

Increase Your Online Visibility

There are 2 primary processes involved in order to dramatically increase your online visibility and brand awareness;

  • Content Discovery
  • Content Sharing

Content Discovery

For many of us, Feedly has replaced Google Reader as our primary RSS reader.

One of the things I like about Feedly is that it will show how many times an article has been shared by the feedly community. I won’t usually share an article that hasn’t been shared at least 100 times. Why bother sharing an article that nobody wants to read and possibly share to their fans and followers?


With a Feedly Pro account, you can create a shared collection and let your social connections add your favorite Blogs to their feedly RSS reader dashboard. I like to organize and segment my feedly RSS reader by category and market segment. Feedly will indicate with an icon the number of times an article has been shared by the feedly community.

feedly-shared-collection is a robust content curation platform and a powerful convent discover engine. Users create topic pages and curate content so they can add their scooped stories to their topic pages. The savvy digital marketer will “frame” the scooped story and inform their readers why the article is useful and the value it provides their readers and their informational needs.


The suggestion engine shows users how many times (by social network) the article has been shared. This is a strong indication of how much traction an article has received. Why bother sharing an article with 74 shares when you can share an article that 2,000 people have already shared The analytics dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. Traffic sources, content shared, social engagement and views / visitors are visually represented in the analytics dashboard.


Content Sharing Tools

I use 2 of the best of class tools to share my content on the social web.

The 2 best of class content sharing tools I use to share my content on the social web include:

  • Buffer App
  • Sniply URL Shortener allows you to share other people’s content and still bring them back to your own Blog, Slideshare Deck, YouTube channel or anywhere on the web. adds a “traveling” banner with your shared content that includes a call-to-action button with the shared content. Using this routine is much more effective when your Banner and CTA compliments the original article, video or deck.

increase online visibility

The Sniply dashboard provides users with useful top level metrics.

  1. Snips created
  2. Number of clicks
  3. Conversion counts
  4. Conversation % rate
  5. Average time on site and
  6. Bounce rate

online visibility

The Buffer App is a best of class social sharing and scheduling app. I use it to share content to my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts. The Buffer analytics dashboard provides the user with useful social and KPI metrics for social monitoring.

The Fremium version is more than adequate. The Pro version is $10 per month.

online visibility exposure


Using and Feedly will save you tons of time for finding quality content your target audience is hungry for. Having a system for finding quality content is every bit as important as knowing how to manage and grow your social media presence. and the Buffer App are ideal content sharing tools that semi-automate the social sharing process but still allow you to properly frame the shared content so you can advise your readers why and how they will benefit by reading (and sharing) your content.

I invite you to connect with me so we can schedule a Google Hangout and you can quiz me on what it would take to implement this social content marketing system into your content marketing strategy.



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