How to Find Who Shared Your LinkedIn Posts

A LinkedIn Post is an excellent social media channel to increase your online visibility and brand awareness with your target audience.

If your LinkedIn post is well written and well received, the chances of your readers sharing your LinkedIn Post with their social audience will go up and that’s a good thing.

Here’s a simple 3-step process on how to find out who shared your LinkedIn post so you can acknowledge and thank them for sharing your post with their fans & followers.

The process is fast and easy and definitely worth the extra 30 seconds it takes to do so.

Step 1. Click Who’s Viewed Your Profile

You get to this page by hovering over your Profile drop down menu and selecting the options who’s viewed your profile.

who viewed your profile

Step 2. Click Who’s Viewed Your Posts

This center element renders a slider that contains ALL of your LinkedIn posts; starting with your most current article. You can repeat this process for each individual LinkedIn post.

who viewed your posts

Step 3. Click the Arrow (Top Right)

Once you click the arrow, this page shows your Likes, Comments and Shares for each LinkedIn post.

who shared your posts


From this page, you can click the “view share” button so you can thank them individually for sharing your post in the comments section. You will probably see that some people shared your LinkedIn post but they aren’t in your network? This happens when someone in your network shared your post and someone from their network saw his/her share and shared your post again. I like this social amplification as I suspect you will too!

Who Shared Your Posts [Slider View]

This page let’s you scroll through each of your LinkedIn Posts so you can view your individual stats on your Likes, Comments and Shares.

who viewed your posts slider view

I don’t think this routine qualifies as a “best practices” in social media marketing, but I do think its shows good form and social etiquette when you take 30 seconds and thank someone for sharing your content with their social audience.

It might be faster to do this sort of thing on Twitter and Google+ and while you might miss one of these every now and again, when someone takes the time to share your LinkedIn post with their fans and followers, you’re being a good social citizen by taking the time to acknowledge their effort for doing so.

Are you authoring LinkedIn Posts to showcase your knowledge and expertise?

You can find and read my other LinkedIn Posts Here.

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