How to Rank in the 5 Spot Google Places

If you are a brick and mortar operation and need to get found locally, one of the best things you could do is find and hire a Local SEO guy who can provide you with an optimized Google Places Listing if you want to get ranked at the top of a Google Places search, what we in the business call the “5 Spot”. It’s similar to Google Organic “Above the Fold”.


If you’re Google Places listing is not Ranked in the 5 Spot in the Local SERP’s, the number of clicks your listing will get falls off dramatically. Anything is easy when you know how. We know how to create and optimize a Google Places Listing and we’d like to help you do it too! It’s really not that hard, so long as you follow a best practices guidelines, pay attention to details, deploy a sound acquisition strategy for obtaining 3rd party Citations and Reviews and make dam sure you don’t violate Google’s TOS!


How to Get Ranked in the 5 Pack

Knowing what NOT to do comes in handy. We know what NOT to do too. Getting Suspended on Google Places can be a Death Wish for getting Local Traffic.

It took me from February 27th to April 15th to get back in good graces with Google. Ignorance is Bliss but it can cost you a boat load of free traffic to your website if you don’t pay attention to the rules.

Google Places 5 Spot Listing

Google Places requires that you Pay Attention to:

  • Listing Details
  • Listing Categories
  • Relevant Images & videos
  • Citations and 3rd Party Reviews
  • A Few Dozen other Metrics & Attributes
Small Business Owners can NOT survive on a great Google Places Listing alone. Every SMB needs to have a World Class WordPress Website to compete, locally or nationally or globally. We can help you with that too. But if you want to get found locally, your business needs to Rank in the 5 Spot on Google Places.

Google Places 5 Spot Listing

Google Places on Mobile Devices

Google has done the heavy lifting as far as optimizing your GP Listing for a smart phone. In other words, your listing will render on an iPhone or Android or Blackberry or any of the other major smart phone devices on the market, so you don’t have to invest the resources to build a .mobi site to get the business benefits of having a business listing that the mobile web user can use.
Google Mobile

Google Places on an iPhone


Here’s a screen shot of the search results (taken 3 days after authoring this blog post) for the long tail keyword phrase “How to Rank Google Places” searched for 33.8 million times a month.

How to Rank Google Places

how to rank google places

How to Rank Google Places

The key take away is this. If you produce Quality Content and Optimize the Content properly you can achieve an impressive SERP in a relatively short period of time. In this case, the timeline is a whopping 3 days and that ain’t too bad!


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