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As an Internet Marketer, I’m sure you’ll agree building a List of subscribes is one of your most important marketing tasks. The email opt-in form you use on your website is absolutely crucial for building your list.

There are over 9,000 articles on ezinearticles written on the subject and as the saying goes… The Money is in the List. Put another way, your List is your #1 Asset, so how you go about building a quality and sizable list requires your best possible effort.

Rule #1

Avoid Pop-ups, Hovers and other animated widgets that can be distracting and pretty annoying to your readers. Don’t get me wrong… animation can be very effective (if) done the right way!

Say your reader is reading your article on Content Writing Made Easy and up pops your email opt-in form. Do you think he will like that interruption?

Or say your reader is checking out your latest blog post on SMS Marketing or How to Build a Mobile Friendly Website and right when he’s ready to copy and past a piece of you content, a cheesy hover-over image spoils his effort. Not good!

One of my favorite blogs is called: Daily Blog Tips by Daniel Scocco. He’s a really good blogger. Daniel advocates NEVER using pop-ups and since his Blog has over 45,000 readers and since I know he knows what he’s talking about, I suggest we follow his advice. Check out his post entitled: 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

So what’s the Answer?

If you’ve read this far, you’ve been on my site for more than 5 seconds, so you’ve seen how I use the Instant SlideUp tool at the bottom of my site. Instant SlideUp is a highly customizable email opt-in system that will enhance your page’s appearance, increase your sales and help you grow your List.

Instant SlideUp is Simple

Just sign up, configure a few details, embed a few lines of javascript and you’ll see how seamlessly and effectively Instant SlideUp works on your website.

Instant SlideUp Features

  • ISU is SaaS tool, so there’s no Software to Install
  • Comes with over 30+ Premade Templates and you can…
  • Change the Template Images using your Graphics Editor
  • Customize your Messages to promote anything you want
  • Works on ANY Website | No SQL database install required
  • Works with Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp and others
  • ISU has a simple and Intuitive Administration Dashboard
  • ISU also enables you to Split-Test your opt-in Forms

Instant SlideUp Benefits

  • Doesn’t give a negative first impression of your website
  • Doesn’t annoy, frustrate, or interrupt your web site visitors
  • Lets you avoid using obnoxious pop-ups that everybody hates
  • Catches your visitor’s eye with movement (converts better)
  • Doesn’t block what your visitor is viewing on your site
  • Gives your website a professional list building capture form

Instant SlideUp is Word Press “friendly”

I use a WP plug-in called Header-Footer to insert my java script on my Blog. I’m not the most technical savvy guy around, so having this plug-in insert the code without creating any conflicts, comes in handy. With this plug-in, I can add the ISU code to an individual page or my entire Blog. I chose to use Instant SlideUp on every page. After 30 days, I’ll alternate my Instant SlideUp projects, evaluate my Split-Test stats and decide whether its better to insert a SlideUp on every page or if individual pages is better.

Instant SlideUp Advanced Features


  • Slide Up
  • Slide Up then Down
  • Fade In
  • Fade In then Out


  • Appear
  • Disappear


  • Themed
  • Simple


  • Static
  • Vertical Carousel
  • Opt-in



  • Modifiable on each Field


  • Show again when page is reloaded
  • Show again in 1 Day
  • Show again in 1 Week
  • Show again in 2 Weeks
  • Show again in 1 Month


Instant SlideUp Summary

Building a List is vital to an Internet Marketer’s online success. Instant SlideUp enables you to grab your reader’s attention without interrupting or impairing what he’s reading or viewing on your site. ISU is easy to use, simple to deploy, is highly customizable and comes with powerful analytics and metrics so you can keep track of what works (converts) and what doesn’t.

To download a free copy of Instant SlideUp and test-drive it on your site Click Here

If you need Assistance

Like most Internet Marketers, I use a couple of email marketing services. Namely, Aweber and Mail Chimp. Instant SlipdeUp comes pre-configured to work with Aweber and Get Response. I was having an issue getting my Mail Chimp code to accept my sign-ups, but all I had to do was send Rob Chuah a quick note (via Forum support) and bam, I had my fix. Not only that, but Rob went the extra mile to inspect my form code and make 2 minor changes for me. This is the kind of service I look for in a mutually beneficial Vendor/Partner relationship.

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