Finding Profitable Products to Promote with Clickbank

The first thing you’ll want to do is shoot over to the Clickbank Marketplace. This is real quick, easy and painless, so if you follow this specific formula you can nearly guarantee the products you choose to promote will be winners (meaning converts well, and low refund rate). So let’s just continue here with our […]

PPC Web Spy Review

PPC Web Spy is a new and revolutionary keyword research software created by renowned marketer Brad Callen that allows you to uncover in real-time any Google Adwords advertiser’s keywords in only a few seconds. PPC Web Spy is one of those ‘rose amongst thorn’s’ software applications that rarely come about. PPC Web Spy was inspired […]

ClickBank Launches HopAds

If you log in to your ClickBank account today, you’ll see a link to ClickBank’s Powerful New Affiliate Tool: HopAds | BuilderHop (filed under the “News” section). Click through to the Link so you can to start using it today! Essentially, it allows ClickBank Affiliates to easily create customizable ad boxes (similar to AdSense). This […]

High Gravity Clickbank Products

Finding High Gravity Clickbank products is a lot easier than it used to be. The fastest and easiest ways to generate revenue from Online Marketing is to get yourself a Clickbank Account and find Products that fit into your Niche Market. I look for Informational and Productivity Products and Tools that have a High Gravity. […]