Geo-Press Plug-in


Why install the Geo-Press Plug-in? There are a few very good reasons why you want to install  and use the Geo-Press Plug-in on your WordPress website. The Geo-Press Plug-in is fast, efficient, complete and it works. What the Geo-Press Plug-in Does It will create a geo sitemap and save it to the root directory and ping […]

Local SEO for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is one of the top searched for keyword phrases today. Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand posted an interesting Infographic on his Google Plus panel today, that prompted me to write this article. Here’s an excerpt from his post; Today, more and more companies are livin’ la vida local as online search expands and evolves at […]

WordPress and Google Maps

Google Maps

This article will explain why you should integrate WordPress and Google Maps especially if you own a brick and mortar business. [Factoid] WordPress powers 14.7% of the top million websites in the world and 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running WordPress. We all know how huge and important it […]

How to Rank in the 5 Spot Google Places

Local seo

If you are a brick and mortar operation and need to get found locally, one of the best things you could do is find and hire a Local SEO guy who can provide you with an optimized Google Places Listing if you want to get ranked at the top of a Google Places search, what […]

Mobile Local Fusion


The Google Guys, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc. all say — this is it This is the biggest thing Google has ever done. They are giving away over 49 million websites that are already listed in Google…. Most are getting traffic already! Click Here Please watch this video ASAP and start claiming these FREE, Pre-listed, […]