Local SEO for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is one of the top searched for keyword phrases today. Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand posted an interesting Infographic on his Google Plus panel today, that prompted me to write this article. Here’s an excerpt from his post;

Today, more and more companies are livin’ la vida local as online search expands and evolves at a rapid rate. Still, it’s not always easy to understand the logistics of local search, from what works well with consumers to how businesses can improve their local listings. To help you leverage the local search marketing scene, MDG Advertising developed this insightful infographic to serve as a virtual road map to driving up local rankings and results.

Local SEO for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Infographic Local Search Evolved

Infographic by MDG Advertising


Local Search Evolved

This Infographic gives the uninitiated to Local SEO for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney ample metrics on how important local rankings are to those businesses competing in the Local SEO for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney space.

If you read my previous article on WordPress and Google Maps, then you already know that one of my techniques used to enhance a client’s competitiveness in the Local Search Marketing space is to build for them a “companion” WordPress website that mirrors their Google Places Listing in such a way that their GP listing will rank for not only their main keyword phrase, but 4x additional target keyword phrases.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Keywords

To identify the most sought after keywords used by consumers in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy space, I booted up Market Samurai to find out:

The most searched for keyword phrases related to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

local seo for chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney

Once I know what the most searched for keywords related to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (notice  Houston, Dallas, San Diego and Atlanta) I boot up Micro Niche Finder to ID the best long tail keywords with the highest search counts and low competition.

My minimum search counts to ensure a favorable ROI are 4,000 searches a month for a long tail keyword phrase (at least 1,000 searches a week)

[Atlanta example]

  1. Atlanta bankruptcy
  2. Atlanta bankruptcy attorney
  3. Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer
  4. Atlanta foreclosure defense
  5. Atlanta Chapter 13 attorney
  6. Atlanta Chapter 7 attorney

Local SEO for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Video


Local SEO for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Google Places

Before I will engage a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney, I need to make sure they have:

  • Claimed their Google Places Listing
  • Have an active self hosted website
  • Have an email listed on their website

Armed with this information, I will send a qualified Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney an email with a link to this video, sothey can determine in a very short period of time, whether my value proposition is of value to their current internet marketing situation.


Local SEO for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Summary

Based on my research, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego and LA are the most active cities where consumers are seeking an experienced, qualified and affordable Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. If you are licensed to practice in any one of these State/Cities and would like to have your Google Places listing enjoy are marked improvement in the Local SERP rankings, give me a call or drop me an email so we can discuss the particulars in more depth.

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