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According to the Shopzilla Publisher’s FAQ


As a Shopzilla Publisher, you generate earnings by placing Sponsored Shopping Content on your website. The sponsored content links your site users/visitors to website. You earn money based on the Shopzilla Website Activity that your users generate on Shopzilla. Earnings typically depend on the level of integration and contextual appropriateness of the Sponsored Shopping Content on your site as well as the nature of your user’s activity on Shopzilla.

How do I get or create Sponsored Shopping Content for my website?

To get or create Sponsored Shopping Content, click on the Get Content tab available on every page. From there, you may choose from variety of Content Types including banners, search boxes, and text links. Once you find the content that you want, retrieve the Content Code necessary to display that content on your website.

Note: Do not alter the Content Code provided in any manner; it will adversely affect our ability to attribute earnings to you.

This is a Shopzilla Sponsored Content element in the form of a Search Bar. It’s very easy to select content with your Publisher’s AID embedded in the code, so you earn a commission on the activity of the buyer that was sourced from your web site or blog.

Here’s another example of Sponsored Shopping Content that I generated from the Shopzilla Publisher’s portal. In this example, the element is centered around the “Live Green” theme.

Shopzilla assigns each Publisher an Account Identification Number (an AID). When you retrieve Content Code from the Publisher Portal, your AID is embedded into the Referring URLs of that code. Shopzilla Website Activity is attributed to a publisher when Shopzilla detects the publisher’s AID in the Referring URL from which a Shopzilla User originated.

When you consider the massive growth in online shopping and the added value Shopzilla delivers by providing online buyers with real time price comparisons on millions of products and that the average Affiliate Marketer can actively participate in sharing in the revenue stream created by promoting the Shopzilla model, it makes a lot of sense (to me anyway) to get on board with Shopzilla and create your own (private label) online shopping mall.

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