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Mobile Local Fusion

The Google Guys, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc. all say — this is it

This is the biggest thing Google has ever done. They are giving away over 49 million websites that are already listed in Google…. Most are getting traffic already!

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Please watch this video ASAP and start claiming these FREE, Pre-listed, Pre-SEO’d websites now. Plus, I’ll show you how to make a quick $500 a pop claiming them for your friends and neighbors. This is HUGE!

This copy is from Ryan Deiss. Ryan one of a few A-team IM guys I work with. It was cool to see Frank Kern was #1 on Ryan’s Mastermind Contest. I’m a huge fan of Frank Kern, not only because his Good Karma List Machine .There’s a GOOD reason Frank chose to support Mobile Local Fusion. This is one of Ryan’s and Laura’s better business models.

Mobile Local Fusion combines local search Google Places with the enormous growth of mobile search into a unified SEM (search engine marketing) strategy that will provide immediate results and value for every small business in the USA.

What’s In Mobile Local Fusion?

There are nine video training modules in Mobile Local Fusion

  1. Understanding the local landscape
  2. Google Local overview
  3. Going Mobile
  4. How your clients make money
  5. Outsourcing the work
  6. Getting clients
  7. Managing client expectations
  8. Managing your business
  9. Crazy opportunity in the future

Mobile Local Fusion Module #1

Understanding The Local Landscape:

  • The 5 Mile rule
  • Why all other ad solutions are dead…
  • Google’s BIG “Self-Serve” mistake that makes you money
  • Why local businesses can’t live without Google
  • How competition is lower now for local companies
  • The 5 minute 0 check trick
  • Google maps are the new Yellow Pages
  • Places SHIFT in organic
  • What QR codes mean to local
  • The local TRIAD

Module #2 Getting To The Top of Google Local:

  • How to create your Google dash board
  • How to claim your clients pages on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • Enhancing you listing with rich content
  • How to PING your maps listing to your places page
  • Using mobile coupons
  • How to get your own QR Code
  • SEO with Citations & Directories
  • Ninja Review Tricks and methods


Module #3 Going Mobile:

  • How people search via mobile
  • How to dominate mobile search results
  • How to create “instant” mobile landing pages
  • Mobile list building secrets
  • Customer autoresponders via SMS
  • Mobile coupon marketing
  • Creating QR codes for coupons
  • Short code marketing methods for local
  • Gathering stats from your Google dashboard
  • Google advertising for mobile (TAGS)
  • Adwords for mobile
  • (Coming Soon) Google Boost
  • Click to Call secrets
  • Beyond Google – the other networks
  • Landing page builders
  • Mobile apps creation for dummies
  • Paid traffic for local mobile
  • SMS optins
  • Other mobile Ninja tricks…

Module #4 How Your Clients Make Money:

  • Getting more clients for your customers
  • How clients contact their customers in multiple ways
  • Get your clients customers to visit more often
  • How to increase how much money your customers spend
  • How to get your clients customers to refer them
  • Viral mobile social media
  • Customer rewards for loyalty with mobile
  • Filling up slow days with SMS
  • Seasonal and Holiday promotion ideas
  • Cashing in on mobile coupons
  • Drawing in customers friends with 4 Square & Facebook
  • Other services your clients need you can charge for

Module #5 Outsourcing The Work:

  • How to NEVER do any tech work EVER
  • The Philippines connection
  • How to train outsourcers via video you don’t create
  • How to find great out source workers
  • My 5 best outsourcers from the Rolodex
  • My personal outsource tests
  • How much you should pay for what
  • Why feedback is curtail
  • Using Jing videos for all tasks
  • How to pay outsourcers
  • Complete accountability
  • Project Management
  • The complete Google Local Outsource solution
  • Legally importing reviews
  • Plus, all my forms, contracts and agreements

Module #6 Getting Clients:

  • The postcard that ate Tampa
  • What to say when they call
  • The questionnaire is your #1 weapon
  • Closing with Powerpoint
  • The video approach
  • Getting your first check
  • The art of the takeback
  • Commission salespeople & bird dogs
  • Fun prospecting
  • How to get more referrals than you can handle

Module #7 Managing Client Expectations:

  • Why expectations are the #1 reason people lose clients
  • Doing a baseline competitive analysis
  • How to charge based on ease or difficulty
  • How to turn down clients you can’t help
  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Creating KILLER client reports
  • Gathering ROI baseline values
  • Monitoring clients progress
  • Fixing what’s broken and growing what’s not
  • When to get clients testimonials
  • How to get referrals from your clients
  • How to FIRE a client
  • Know clients to avoid


Module #8 Managing Your Business:

  • How to manage you time on a client by client basis
  • Keeping organized records on each client
  • Keeping clients checklists
  • Simple project management
  • Client billing templates
  • Assigning jobs to outsourcers
  • McDonald’s your systems
  • Auto-billing your customers
  • Credit cards and Check Drafts
  • Hiring, training and managing employees
  • Bonuses and other compensation plans

Module #9 Crazy Opportunity in the Future:

  • Advanced QR codes
  • Augmented reality
  • Future of mobile payments
  • Mobile Commerce payment apps
  • What’s happening in Europe & Japan
  • 200,000,000 mobile coupon users by 2013
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Free internet
  • Free Smart Phones

If you’re a small business owner or an Internet Marketer, watch this video to find out about Mobile Local Fusion.

Take special note on how the convergence of Mobile and Local search marketing is the major business driver for getting found locally. It will matter hugely for all SMB’s in 2011.


Mobile Local Fusion

In March 2010, I wrote a blog post How to Create a Great Local Search Business Listing. Back then, Google Places (what its called now) was called Google Local Business Center. Since then, I’ve optimized my Google places Listing for three targeted “longtail” keyword phrases.  For each niche market, my Google Places Listing was at the top of the 10 spot.

Read my article on how to create a great local business listing for the tips and techniques I used to get these results.

  1. Mobile Web Marketing

  2. Local Search Marketing

  3. Video Tour Marketing

Mobile Local Fusion program gives guys like me who know how to optimize a Google Places listing and get it to rank at the top of the 10 spot an ideal combination to provide value to local business owners. The only thing better than an optimized Mobile Local Fusion program in place, it being Ranked on Page 1 of Google and this is what we do all day long!

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Neil Ferree

Social SEO Consultant at Ferree Money
Neil Ferree Provides Social SEO and Content Marketing Services to the Small Business Community with Best Practices in Social, Local and Video SEO Consulting Services.
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  1. Hey JNFerree,

    I’ve been an internet marketer for several years and have my own team (outsourced to India and the Phillipines). I also have a couple sites that rank in the top for some highly competitive keywords in Google organic.

    I don’t know much about Google local, I invested in the course way back when it first came out with the private coaching. My question is this, why exactly do I need to do KW research for Google local listings? Is the algorithm the same as Google organic, meaning can I go through the same procedures of getting a site ranked via Google local that I already do in Google organic?

  2. JNFerree,
    Great blog on Mobile Local Fusion. I’m working the business marketing locally on Hilton Head. The program is AWESOME. Anyone considering this should watch video’s here and get in today. The support is the best ever!!!

  3. Hi,
    My name is Rean and I was also interested about this Mobile Local Fusion course. I’m just wondering if I can do this business here in the Philippines? An affiliate marketer offered this to me just for today only so iI guess they’re open for now. Thanks.

    • Hi Rean – So long as you can “fuse” and optimize and android-mobilize your small business owner’s Googe Places listing, you should be good to go. The trick is adding value to your clients by getting their local search and mobile web content in sync so they rank for their target keywords. Do you use Market Samurai or Micro Niche Finder of Brand X to do your KW research?

  4. Jerry Wilkes says:

    Interested in product

  5. Hi,
    My names Marie and I am from Ireland. I am just wondering if Mobile Local Fusion is available in Ireland? I would be interested in signing up but I am uncertain if it is available in Ireland?


    • Hi Marie from across the Pond! As of TODAY (12-29-10) MLF is “closed” to new Members. Since a big part of this program is live training, Ryan and Laura had to cap the number of active members. You might want to have a look at Mobile Success Formula and read the article I posted (12-28-10) on Dan’s program.

    • Marie, MLF is open again (I think for 24 hours only) but yeah, So long as you can “fuse” and optimize and android-mobilize your small business owner’s Googe Places listing, you should be good to go. The trick is adding value to your clients by getting their local search and mobile web content in sync so they rank for their target keywords. Do you use Market Samurai or Micro Niche Finder of Brand X to do your KW research?

  6. The link juice created by fusing your local business listing and making sure that listing renders well on a smart phone device is crucial.

  7. Could you confirm that this business/system will work in Canada? Your presentation says “anywhere in the US and possibly the world.”


    Stacia Rubinovich

  8. I’m interested in Mobile Local Fusion but if I Google restaurants in my area, most of them seem to be there already with their placemarks on the map. And if I search on something like ‘local business’ there seems to be several companies doing the same or similar work such as (I live in Canada).
    What makes Mobile Local Fusion new and better and what does it do that a business owner could not do on their own?

    • Ian, have you watched the MLFusion sales video in its entirety? Module #4 is where these questions get addressed. Ryan and Laura don’t reveal the “how” these techniques are executed, only that they are part of the training program. As I noted in my blog post, I’ve re-optimized my Google Places listing for 3 different niche markets 1) local search marketing 2) mobile web marketing 3) video your marketing. I was delighted to see “video tour marketing” is already at position D and its only been 2 1/2 weeks since I re-purposed and re-optimized my local listing. Do you use Skype?

  9. Excellent info, great highlights. We do mobile and local search marketing and this combination will be a great addition to our tool-set.