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More People are Searching for You on a Mobile Device than on Desktop PC or MAC. Are your Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Friendly Website

It’s obvious mobile web marketing is where the lion’s share of your future traffic will come from. It’s what some call mobile local fusion. What Mobile SEO’s mean by this is how local search and mobile web marketing (Mobile SEO) are ubiquitous as it relates to getting found locally on a smartphone device.

Build a Mobile Optimized Website

You have 3 options to consider when mapping out your mobile web marketing strategy.

  • Create a mobile version of your site
  • Use Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Use a separate .mobi domain

Each option has pros and cons using a cost/benefit approach. Most small business owners don’t have the technical skill or the financial resources required build a mobile version of their website nor the resources to maintain 2 separate sites. You are viewing a custom RWD site built on the Genesis Framework. The upside of using a responsive web design (RWD) model is you only have to maintain one site and the cost/benefit favors the business on a limited budget.

Mobile Friendly website

Mobile Website Must-Have Elements

3 Minimum must have elements in a mobile optimized website.

  • Click to Call
  • View on Map
  • Add to Contacts

Read Google Webmaster guidelines for building a mobile optimized website. To support smartphones, read the details about the different configurations you can use, including our recommendation for responsive web design.

Google recently stated a website that a mobile friendly will rank higher in the search results. Google makes it easy for use to test if our site is mobile friendly. Click Here to test your site. This is what you want to see after scanning your site using Google mobile friendly test page.


Contact Me to discuss what’s involved in migrating to a (RWD) Responsive Web Design on Genesis so your site ranks at the top of the local search results.

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