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Monetize Social Media Marketing

Here is an easy and effective way to Monetize Your Social Media Marketing. With the SharedBy toolbar you can track not only how many clicks your links received, but also who clicked them and how engaged they were.


How Individuals Can Monetize Social Media Marketing

Personalize Links
Personalize the links you share by showing your identity and social streams above each linked page.


Businesses Can Monetize Social Media Marketing

Promote your products
Leverage the power of shared links to drive traffic and increase sales. Readers interact with the Engagement Bar 10x-50x more often than industry standards

How Agencies Can Monetize Social Media Marketing

Better manage your clients’ social media campaigns
Promote your clients’ products with 10x times to 50x time more engagements and provide detailed reports of each campaign’s success. As you know, unless you can track it, you can’t measure it. Unless you measure it, you have no way if knowing what it working for you and what’s not.

On your SharedBy Dashboard, you can select to see, in real-time, how many clicks your links have gotten over a period of time and where they came from. Knowing this metric is pretty useful. Here’s an example of the number of click my Sharedby Toolbar got over the past 7 days.


How Artists Can Monetize Social Media Marketing

Promote your music

With each shared link, you can promote your newest album, integrate with tools like SoundCloud, and link directly to iTunes.

This works for us affiliate marketing guys too! I like to rotate my SEO, Keyword Research and Social Media Marketing tools (Market Samurai, Mico Niche Finder, SocialOomph) every other week, so I can split-test what links get how many clicks and where the clicks come from. As expected, Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIN and the Warrior Forum generate a lot of my clicks. Since I use SEOPressor to take care of my on-page optimization and SEO, I am finding quite a bit of organic traffic is also a large number of clicks.


It makes a lot of sense to Monetize Social Media Marketing

People who follow you on Twitter or Fan that like your Facebook page or any one of the dozens of high traffic social networks, as you surf the web and find a useful piece of information or a handy how to video or one of those “feel good” quotes, you share the link and when they click your link in the toolbar, you make a commission, just like you do with AdSense.

Monetize Social Media Marketing using Visibli

When you add the SharedBy toolbar, you can more easily Monetize Social Media Marketing with a single click of you mouse.

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Neil Ferree

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  1. Hey Neil,

    I know they are always coming up with new systems and services but I had never heard of this particular one. I love checking out new sites and seeing how they may be improved over some of the other services I use.

    You definitely shared the importance of tracking your links. I didn’t do this for the longest time but soon realized the importance of knowing what people are interested in and what they aren’t. If you are online to promote any type of service or product, this is a necessity.

    Thanks for this post, great information.