Multiple Google Accounts

Having Multiple Google Apps and Google Accounts to login to can be a real time saver. In this video,  I will show you the end result and business benefits on why modifying your Google Mail accounts settings so you can access multiple Google email Accounts and Sign in to more than one Google Accounts.

Multiple Google Account Apps

Many of us have multiple Google (gmail) accounts for different reasons. In my case, I use my main account for 75% of my online activity. When I launched this new niche market, video virtual tours for real estate brokers and agents, it came in very handy to have the ability to toggle between two Google accounts.

In my next video, I will go into specific detail on how to “enable” the multiple sign-in feature and the how and why behind configuring your settings to enable the many webmaster tools that Google provide for free to us internet and social media marketers.

Once I publish my next video and connect the dots on how having multiple Google accounts enhances your ability to syndicate your content to dozens of high traffic social media networks, I’ll ping you if you grab my RSS Feed or click the Google PageRank

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