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Video Marketing is the most cost effective medium and marketing methodology for driving targeted traffic to your website.  Research shows that Google Organic search results generate 8x times as many clicks as PPC advertising campaigns and cost 1/8th as much to generate these clicks. Source: SEOMoz

page 1 video ranker

Video Ranker Pay for Performance Model

The Video Ranker marketing system is free until we get your video ranked on page 1 of Google organic. As a Video Ranker client, we do not invoice you until we get your video ranked on page 1 of Google for your targeted keyword phrase in your geo-targeted city.

video ranker pay for performance

Page 1 Video Ranker Benefits

Video Ranker is Cost Effective. Since Video Ranker uses Pay for Performance business model, the economics of using the Video Ranker system heavily favors the small business owner in that: there is no fee until your custom video gets ranked on page 1 of Google organic. And even then, Video Ranker is extremely affordable as compared to PPC or paid search campaigns. As a Video Ranker client, your daily investment is $10 for the day and unlimited clicks vs. $10 per click using Google AdWords.

Video Ranker Generates Targeted Traffic

The Video Ranker production process follows a strict Best-of-Class video marketing production process and methodology. Each Video Ranker production is optimized for a specific targeted keyword phrase and geo-tagged for a specific city, zip code, geographical area with a compelling call-to-action appropriate for the niche market (i.e.) Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles or Bankruptcy Attorney  Boston etc.

Video Ranker is Fast

Video Ranker clients will typically begin to see results in less than 48 hours. Once we produce your Video Ranker production, our engineers will get your video indexed and ranked by the major search engines, using our proprietary video optimization formula that will create a significant number of high quality back links pointing to your optimized video.

page 1 video ranker

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Video Ranker is a Turn-Key System

The Video Ranker production team provides all of the audio, video and images required to produce and promote your USP (unique selling proposition). We will collaborate with you to define and present a compelling call-to-action based on your value proposition, optimized landing page, your lead acquisition and sales processes.

While the Video Ranker system is a cost effective video marketing solution, its not for everybody.

Unless your website and landing page have been properly optimized to convert a website visitor from suspect to prospect to paying customer, you will want to speak with one of our sales engineers to find out how your site scores after being processed by our heat map LP conversion tools. Only then, can we and will we be in a position to add your operation to the Page 1 Video Ranker Community. If you think about it, what’s the point in driving traffic to a website that has a high bounce rate and doesn’t convert website visitors to paying customers?

Video Ranker Community

To provide our clients optimal effectiveness and profitability, we will only work with (1) business in any given niche market per geographical area. This geographical scope is determined by the niche market and the targeted keyword phrase.

SEO Consulting, Beverly Hills, CA

We will not engage a new businesses in a niche market where there exists an active business in the same niche market (unless) certain conditions are met. For example: if there is an active client targeting “Cosmetic Dentist San Diego” we will not bring on a new Cosmetic Dentist in the San Diego Metro if their physical address is located within the active client’s service area. Typically, we use a 25 mile radius as a guideline.

Contact Me to Find out if Your City, Niche Market and Keyword Phrase are Available?

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Neil Ferree Provides Social SEO and Content Marketing Services to the Small Business Community with Best Practices in Social, Local and Video Marketing Strategies and Techniques.
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