PPC Web Spy Review

PPC Web Spy is a new and revolutionary keyword research software created by renowned marketer Brad Callen that allows you to uncover in real-time any Google Adwords advertiser’s keywords in only a few seconds. PPC Web Spy is one of those ‘rose amongst thorn’s’ software applications that rarely come about. PPC Web Spy was inspired from the shortcomings that Affiliate Elite exposed to PPC marketers.PPC Web Spy is a Firefox plug-in that helps you to uncover all of the Keywords that successful businesses (your competitors) are already making money with using Google AdWord campaigns. As we all know, everything these days starts with Keywords. The reason for this this that keywords are how people find your website. PPC Web Spy minimizes the risk by allowing you to replicate successful campaigns ran by your competitors.

PPC Web Spy Comes in Different Versions

PPC Web Spy has a (Free) Standard version, a Silver, a Gold and a Platinum upgrade which presents a very powerful and unique way to position your Affiliate Links on the #1 position in Google every single time. PPC Web Spy has steadily grown to one of the “must have” Internet marketing tools of 2009.  PPC Web Spy can help you in generating thousands of keywords and tageted keyword list which you can widely use for your article marketing,  PPC Advertising and much more.

PPC Web Spy is a FREE tool you can download right now and use for what I personally would call nothing less but “swiping” the well researched keywords in ANY profitable niche. PPC Web Spy is a UNIQUE tool that integrates with your Google Search results and reveals all the keywords your competitors are using on the web. Consider these BENEFITS and VIEW the quick Demo of PPC Web Spy by Brad himself.

  1. Many of the current keyword research tools are independent applications requiring that you run a separate application to do your research. PPC Web Spy is a Firefox add-on allowing you to do your data analysis from within your Firefox browser.
  2. PPC Web Spy’s results are generated in real-time. You no longer have to depend on historical data or cached results. You data requests in your live Google search and pulled immediately, allowing you to tweak your ad campaigns on the fly.
  3. Actual AdWords data for each keyword displayed in Google search results is returned, such as:
  • Your competitors’ actual AdWords

  • Ads for each keyword

  • Your competitors’ actual Cost Per Click for each keyword

  • Your competitor’s AdWords rank. This will give you an idea of what you need to spend to get a similar rank (or Higher rank)

  • Your competitor’s daily ad spend

PPC Web Spy generates a list of keywords for you based upon any of the phrases your competition is using. PPC Web Spy pulls a targeted keyword list from your competitor’s domain, giving you an even bigger, more targeted list. You’ll be able to immediately see which AdWords advertisers are promoting affiliate products from Clickbank.com, Paydotcom.com, or Amazon.com.

At the time of this post, PPC Web Spy (Standard version) is available at not cost. The wise thing to do would be to ping over to PPC Web Spy and get an evaluation copy of PPC Web Spy before Brad pulls the plug on this offer.

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