Quora Social Network

Quora is an Online social network that links individuals based on their interests, acquaintanceship or other factors and allow them to communicate using the Internet. Neil Ferree

Quora Social Network

This image links to my personal profile on Quora. I use my real name, Neil Ferree versus one of my websites because of the web 2.0 link wheel connection I am developing using my Google Plus personal page.

As I mentioned in a previous post and quite a few times on my Google Plus Stream, Social Shares and Social SEO are becoming a much more valuable and utilized SEO metric as far as Google is concerned. Quora is one of those social networks that you will want to add to your social media footprint.

Quora Social Network Stats

Quora Social Network metrics

Quora has an Alexa score of 965, which means of the millions of web pages on the Internet, Quora ranks in the top 1 tenth of 1 percent in the World.

Quora Metrics

1,990,783 million links

208,961 indexed pages

33,417 domains pointing to it

Co-Founders from Facebook


Quora Social Network Founders

Adam D’Angelo was previously CTO and VP of Engineering at Facebook. At Facebook, Adam managed the engineering organization and started the growth and ads engineering teams. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Caltech.

Charlie Cheever previously worked at Facebook where he helped build the Facebook Platform and led the development of Facebook Connect. At Quora, Charlie focuses on product development and engineering infrastructure. Charlie graduated from Harvard University in 2003 with a degree in computer science after growing up in Pittsburgh. In his free time, he follows the Pittsburgh Steelers and professional StarCraft II.

Quora Social Network | Content Marketing

One of the things you can do with the Quora social network is to use it to find trending and popular topics. Knowing what is the “most viewed” question on the Quora social network gives you insight into what people want to know about and hence, a topic you might want to follow and/or write about. Case in point.

Quora Social Network most viewed questions





Social Media Marketing Tip

If you haven’t done so already, get yourself set-up with a Quora account. Try and make sure your profile mirrors what you have on your Google Plus personal page. Ask questions, answer questions where you have domain expertise and engage your target audience. Doing this will help enhance your social prestige and reputation and that in turn will (over-time) improve and increase your social shares, which you may know is becoming more and more important in a Google SPY World.

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