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SEO Services by Neil Ferree of FerreeMoney

My SEO Services  impact all aspects of your online presence.

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Key Social SEO Elements

Social SEO is an ongoing Internet Marketing effort. rel=author and Authorship were little known concepts this time last year. I’ve been preaching Social Shares is the New SEO. My SlideShare Deck of the same title has 30,000 views since Jan. 2012.

Panda and Penguin have marginalized the “gaming” of link building and social shares are already influencing Google search results. These dynamics will determine how SEO professionals advise their clients on Social SEO best practices in the coming months. What we do know is that everything is being tracked and you can’t buy Authority.

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Social SEO has many moving parts. The core of your Social SEO is your Rich Snippet. This is the consumer facing element. Its your personal logo and calling card and when it shows up in the search results, it gets a much higher click through rate.

We know Google is tracking our rel=author and Authorship along with the quality and quantity of social signals and shares our vetted ID (G+ Profile) generates. We don’t know when Author Rank will become real or whether Author Rank will determine where a page gets ranked by the Google algorithm.

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Our Google+ Profile and Rich Snippet are going to become our most valuable digital assets. Its dangerous to have a G+ Profile that’s only ½ baked and not fully optimized.

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Neil Ferree

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Neil Ferree Provides Social SEO and Content Marketing Services to the Small Business Community with Best Practices in Social, Local and Video SEO Consulting Services.
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