Why Snip.ly is the Best URL Shortener for Social Sharing

Read what 2 super successful marketers have to say about Snip.ly and why I say that Snip.ly is the Best URL Shortener for Social Sharing

What if there was a way that you could share content to other people’s stuff and still easily bring them back to your own content, with little or no effort? I know it sounds like a pipe dream, but with this tool, its very easy to do and it’s shockingly cool. It’s call Snip.ly
~ Michael Stelzner

When you share someone else’s link, you are driving traffic to their site and generating no traffic in return. That kind of blows. What if I told you that every time you promoted someone else’s site, you can actually drive more traffic back to your site? ~ Neil Patel

Why Snip.ly is the Best URL Shortener for Social Sharing

Michael and Neil are two successful and well known marketers. They wouldn’t lend their name to a new social marketing tool unless it had proven to be useful to other marketers, so I decided to give Snip.ly a test drive.

I’ve been very pleased with the metrics I’ve tracked on my Snip.ly dashboard as I endeavor to Build a Following Using Other People’s Content by following the business model Guy Kawasaki details in this podcast via Social Media Examiner.

This Snip got a 16.9% conversion rate with 6:59 minutes time on site once they clicked through to read the article. When you construct your Snip.ly banner and button so that they are congruent with your shared piece of content, I find the results improve significantly.

In this case, the shared content was the brand new book The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick, which I highly recommend you get your hands and read.

The Snip.ly Dashboard includes these Metrics

  • Snips Created
  • # of Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Avg. Pages per Visit
  • Avg. Time on Landing Page
  • Avg. time on Site
  • Bounce Rate

Snip.ly metrics

Snip.ly Alternative

Bit.ly is another popular URL shortener and it works well with Buffer App which is key for automation of your social updates, but the Bit.ly stats only provides limited social metrics for tracking. The metrics include:

  • number of clicks
  • referrers and
  • locations

bitly u


I still use Bit.ly with my Buffer App account and Goo.gl when I post to Google+ Neither of these shorteners provide anywhere near the metrics Snip.ly does.

Snip.ly boasts its ability to be used in tandem with most of the major social channels. You would be hard pressed to find a social network it doesn’t work with.

sniply connections

Snip.ly renders a YouTube Video and a SlideShare Deck a little differently that the other major URL shorteners, but the end result is the same. Massive Exposure!

The basic Snip.ly service is free to users and you get 100 conversion per month. The premium version is $16 per month and you get 500 conversion per month.

Snip.ly Summary

If you toot your own horn all day on social media, people will eventually start ignoring your all too frequent self-centered practices.

Social networks are for conversations and shouldn’t be used as billboards. Many social media experts believe that at least 50% of what you share should be of content from others. Snip.ly helps you capture value from this 50% so that even when you’re sharing content from others, you can still be rewarded for your curation efforts!

Its perfectly fine to increase your social media presence using Snip.ly or other social sharing update routine so long as its not all about you, but you should also include (share) other people’s content versus simply boasting about you and your products and services.

Snip.ly Ninja Tip

I’ve worked up a routine so once I curate an article and post it to my Scoop.it topic page, I convert the shared content into a Snip.ly shortened URL so my Snip.ly social banner will bring visitor’s back to my Blog or YT Channel or Slideshare page. This is where my efforts pay off.

I you’d like to see how my Snip.ly curation & social sharing methodology works, simply click the Google+ Hangout image below and Schedule a Free 30 minute AMA session.

Being able to drive targeted traffic to your site using OPC (other people’s content) is one of the best tricks I learned from Guy and Peg in their new book “The Art of Social Media” Power Tips for Power Users. I can show you how to set it up and work it to your favor.


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