Social Media Marketing How Much Does A Facebook Fan Cost?

Money can buy you friends on Facebook, if you’re a marketer. But the price is going up. Unless you know this TRICK?

A whitepaper by social marketing firm Webtrends, which studied 11,000 Facebook ad campaigns in the U.S., found that the cost of advertising on Facebook that encourages a user to become a “fan” on the brand’s Facebook page is $1.07.

I listed a few links to a few blogs that reveal some interesting stats on this hot and timely topic. I also found this graphic on Dan Zarrella’ site that proved telling as well. Consider these 5 Facebook Fan statstics.

Facebook Fan Stats

  • What Day should you post on FB?

  • What Time should you post on FB?

  • What Content should you post on FB?

  • What is the most shared word on FB?

  • How often should you post on FB?

The AllFacebook site is just that, its all about Facebook. I don’t know if having a profile on their directory has generated much traffic to my site yet (its only been 1 week) but their basic listing service is free and while there’s nowhere near the number I thought would be there, its worth the 3-4 minutes it will take to add your profile. My advice is to make sure you remain consistent with your Tags, Titles and Keywords (in that) they mirror the same tags, title and keywords on your Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook Fan Tips

Here’s a marketing tip I picked up from a Facebook Fan marketing course I bought from Ryan Deiss. This one tip will save you a bunch of money on you Facebook ads.

After  you create a Facebook ad, rather than send the Facebook Fan who clicked your ad to a URL off of Facebook, point them to a page ON the Facebook platform. Why should you do this? When you send the person away from Facebook, you will see your CPC rate will be higher than if you keep the ON the Facebook domain.


This one technique saved me a few hundred dollars on more than a few of my FB ad campaigns.

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