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Social SEO is more about getting your content found, seen, +1’d, liked, retweeted and shared than it is getting links pointing to your site.

Social Shares is the Future of SEO. Your Author Rank will be determined by the quality and quantity of Social Signals and Social Shares your content generates. Just like links pointing to your site are considered “votes” social shares serve as validation to the quality of your content.

Is Social Shares the New SEO?

Once your Google+ Profile and Bio are linked to your website, your ranked articles and pages will render your Google+ head-shot in the personalized search results, so long as you are in one of their Google+ Circles. It’s to your advantage to anything you can to entice your readers to add you to a Google+ Circle.

Is social shares the new seo

Social Content Marketing

The more your content is liked and shared by other vetted identities, the easier you make it for Google to credit your social credentials as the original content creator. The same applies to the content you curate and syndicate to the other web 2.0 properties in your social link wheel.

social content marketing

You may have noticed how I am using this on-page optimization SEO technique to connect certain text and images to my other social sites, where the content and the text are relevant and in sync with each other. What’s not so obvious is how you can have multiple web pages show up on page 1 of Google for your target keyword phrase.

How to Manage Your Social Media Presence

I’ve been able to get multiple SERP’s for multiple longtail phrases. For example, the search phrase How to Manage Your Social Media Presence. Granted, the demand for this search phrase is relatively low as compared to other search queries, but the conversion rate on this targeted long-tail search term is exceptional.

How to Manage Your Social Media Presence

2 of the top 10 SERPs are web pages I created. I’m not bragging on myself. I’m just making the point that when you’re a client, you gain the advantage of having access to these tested and proven SEO tactics that have taken me years to figure out and deploy on both my footprint and those of my clients.

Social SEO is Portable

I’ve been able to accomplish similar results on YouTube. It’s the same thing, only different. On my Video SEO page, you can see how I used my Video SEO optimization technique and was able to get my client’s other videos to show up in the EOV (end of video) feed. This generated an additional 37% more views for his videos via the suggested video EOV feed, and that ain’t bad.

Social SEO Results

When you compare Social SEO versus Conventional SEO, the time and effort required to build a following, establish Authority and engage with people who matter is not all that different. What is different is that once your Social SEO efforts have taken hold, its very difficult for a competitor to over take your position. You can’t buy a reputation or Authority, you have earn it and we all know that Social SEO is a process, not an event.

Let’s Connect and discuss how best to upgrade your Social SEO strategy.

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