Social Shares is becoming the New SEO

As Social Shares become the New SEO, its more important than ever that you see and be seen on the social networks your Customers and Prospects are using. If you do this right, you can more quickly and effectively and efficiently engage your target audience with your (USP) unique selling proposition.

First things First

The first thing you need to do is identify which social networks you have an active profile. To get started, you need to find out where you already have a social profile. An easy way to do this is to visit KnowEm and enter in your real name or your brand / business name into their search bar. Knowem will scan 350 social networks from all over the web and return to you a list of which social networks your name or brand contains an active profile with your name on it. Once you know where you have a social profile, you’ll want to enter your profile info into a spreadsheet so you can keep track of the details on each profile. This will help you develop a plan on where you will want to social shares

Social Shares is the New SEO

Once you know where you have an active social profile, your next step is to decide what types of content you intend to create and syndicate to your top socials?  There dozens of social networks to choose from. That’s one of the nice things about using KnowEm.  It shows you (by media type) where you have and don’t have an active profile.This quick 10 slide presentation will show you how to identify and obtain a social profile on the top tier social networks. The goal is to have a profile on the social networks where your prospects and customers are active. Doing this accomplished 2 things:
  1. You gain exposure to your target audience
  2. You acquire quality links to your website

The goal is to develop a following and a reputation for being an expert in your field. At the same time, you want to develop a strong sense of TRUST with you target audience. The number of Social Shares you receive by using this social media marketing plan will steadily grow over time as your audience regards your content as being high quality and useful in helping them acquire the information they need. This in turn will motivate them to engage you, visit your website and ultimately enter your sale funnel.

How Do Social Shares Improve SEO?

Danny Sullivan from Search Marketing recently posted an article detailing how and why social shares improve a site’s SEO. Another article that is a quite a bit more technical in nature on how social shares is the new SEO can be found on Mashable.

Lastly, you would be well served if you add the Author “iPullRank” to your Google+ SEO Circle. Mike’s guest post on SEOmoz is one of the best articles I’ve read to date on how social shares is impacting SEO.

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Social Shares Plugin

As you can see from my Blog, I use a plugin to make it easy for my readers to share my content. The plugin is Slick Social Share and can be found here. There are many other WP plugins you can use to accomplish the same results. I like the way this one slides out and goes away if the reader clicks their mouse anywhere on the site.
Tracking Social Shares

Its important and easy to track your Social Shares. Its important because you want to confirm which social networks you prospects and clients are active on and you want to measure the effectiveness of the content you syndicate to the social networks. All you need to do is:

  1. Install Google Analytics on your WordPress site
  2. Track which social network gets the most action

social shares

Its pretty obvious from my Google Analytics dashboard — Twitter, Google +1 Button and ReTweets are generating the most social shares on my blog. The likely reason for this is that I have 18,000 Twitter followers and I send a lot of Tweets using the Buffer App.

I currently have 32,000+ people in my Google+ Circles. A lot the content I post is on Social and Local and Video SEO to my Google+ Stream.

Google Plus Hovercard

Social Share Benefits Summary

If you do a search on Google for Is Social Shares the New SEO, you will find dozens of articles and expert opinion that support the concept that social shares and social signals are having a major influence on the SEO landscape.

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Google has made easy for a us to add Authorship to a website. When we create content and our articles and web pages shows up in the search results, our Authorship head shot will render in the search results. Web pages with your Authorship head shot will get clicked and opened more often. As a matter of fact, unless they turn off personal search results, if someone has added you to their Google+ Circles, by default, your content will show up higher in the search results.

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