700 PR and Media Contacts on Twitter

If you’ve been reading the Ferree Money Makers Blog for any length of time, then you already know that majority of my posts are about Tools, Tips, Products and Programs that help the everyday Affiliate Marketer to Make Money Online. This post is a little different, although over the long term, this content will help […]

Make Money OnLine with Shopzilla

According to the Shopzilla Publisher’s FAQ As a Shopzilla Publisher, you generate earnings by placing Sponsored Shopping Content on your website. The sponsored content links your site users/visitors to Shopzilla.com website. You earn money based on the Shopzilla Website Activity that your users generate on Shopzilla. Earnings typically depend on the level of integration and […]

Add Video to Generate Targeted Traffic

Video Traffic is quickly becoming one of the best methods to drive traffic to web sites. Services such as YouTube.com have made it very easy for individuals to upload their videos and share it with their friends and the rest of the YouTube.com community. Some smart affiliates just create interesting videos that are not directly […]

7 Things You Must Know About Your Prospect

1. Age- Everything you say and write, including slang, allusions, word difficulty, and topics should be adjusted to meet age appropriateness. 2. Gender- Despite the dual roles men and women tend to fill, most individuals can be segmented (and sold to) based on gender-specific interests or needs. 3. Location- Values and culture tend to vary […]

Finding Profitable Products to Promote with Clickbank

The first thing you’ll want to do is shoot over to the Clickbank Marketplace. This is real quick, easy and painless, so if you follow this specific formula you can nearly guarantee the products you choose to promote will be winners (meaning converts well, and low refund rate). So let’s just continue here with our […]