Video Ranker Results

This article documents the results I got using the Page 1 Video Ranker methodology and tracking the results after 10 days. All-in-all, I would say these Video Ranker results are more than adequate considering the small amount of time and effort it took me to perform the following tasks: create the original Video Ranker piece upload […]

G1 Blueprint Social Media Footprint

Your social media footprint, known as your social media sphere of influence will have a major impact on your SERP search engine results page. A few of years ago, if you had a website, a blog, a YouTube Channel, and an account on a few forums and you authored and published fresh, relevant content on […]

Video Marketing for Real Estate

It’s no secret Google loves video. Search for almost anything that can be shown as a video and notice how YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe and other high traffic video sites are dominating the first page. What you might not know are these amazing behind-the-scene video marketing facts. VIDEO MARKETING FAST FACTS 52% of all web […]

YouTube Rentals

Interested in making your video content available for rent on YouTube? YouTube will soon allow users to charge rental fees to access their videos. That means “John Doe” will be able to upload a video to YouTube and then charge viewers to watch it. When the plan is in place it will provide additional sources […]

Social Media Money Makers Google P1

Conventional wisdom would suggest that getting your weblog ranked on page 1 of Google for a competitive keyword phrase is easier said than done. In actuality, getting my weblog ranked on page 1 of Google for the competitive keyword phrase Social Media Money Makers has proven to be easier than expected. For the past few […]