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A few weeks ago, the CEO of TwAitter, Ryan Bell announced that Twitter had required that TwAitter to remove the “recurring tweets” feature from their site. This caused an uproar from the TwAitter user base. I was party to the banter. For many months, like most of us, I’ve been using “recurring Tweets” to post updates on my portfolio of current and new affiliate products. These were mostly my main social media marketing products like:

Luckily, a pal of mine from the Warrior Forum, told me about Twit Automator by Bill McRea. Now, not only can I schedule Tweets for the multiple time zones I have with my Blog readers from 12 different countries but, this nifty tool has an “Auto Follow” feature that let’s me “tag” the major players in my different niche markets and automatically collect his/her followers without having to do a thing (other than) click the Add a New Peer option (what a time saver) and the Twit Automator algorithm makes sure I don’t violate any Twitter TOS requirements that could get my account suspended!

I’ve discovered a very neat way to identify the major players in each of my 1/2 dozen niche markets. As a matter of fact, this technique is so effective, I plan to write an eBook on this technique with step-by-step directions on how find the Top 10 movers & shakers in “any” niche and automatically add their followers to your Twitter circle. If you’d like a preview copy, drop in your name and eMail address and I’ll send you an advance (comp) copy before I make it available to the public. Include your @Twitter address in the message box so I can follow you.

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Quality v. Quantity

The way I see it, I’d much rather have 8,500 quality (like-minded) Twitter followers vs. having a more impressive 20,000 Follower count with little or no interest in any of my niche markets. After all, who cares how many followers you have if the Tweets you post are of no interest to them whatsoever? It takes a little more time and effort, but I make it a practice to always convert my links using the Bit.Ly service, so I can mouse of the link and see the # of views that link has generated. [Note] Read the “Bit.Ly” article I wrote about on how and why I love the Bit.Ly Firefox add-on to track my Affiliate links and Tweets.


For a limited time, you can try Twit Automator for 14 days for Free! Then you can use the (basic) service for $4.95/month or if you have multiple Twitter accounts like I do, you can upgrade to the $9.95/month version and manage up to 9 different accounts (or) if you’re a major Twitter player, you can go Pro for $19.95/month and manage 20 accounts. For posting recurring tweets (SSDD or using the “spin” mode code) adding targeted followers to your Twitter account Twit Automator does the job well.

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