Video Ranker Results

This article documents the results I got using the Page 1 Video Ranker methodology and tracking the results after 10 days. All-in-all, I would say these Video Ranker results are more than adequate considering the small amount of time and effort it took me to perform the following tasks:

  • create the original Video Ranker piece
  • upload Video Ranker Video to YouTube
  • posting the original Video Ranker article
  • building back links pointing to the article
  • social bookmarking links to the YT video
  • internal linking to other relevant pages

Here are the Google search results using “exact match” counts that shows the number of competing pages for the exact match keyword phrase “video ranker

Video Ranker Results

Video Ranker Results Google Organic 5,070

Page 1 Position 1 on Google Organic

video ranker results

Video Ranker Results

Video Ranker Results Image Search 804

Page 1 Row 1 (multiple images)

Page 1 Row 2 (multiple images)

video ranker results

Video Ranker Results Videos

Video Ranker Results on Google VIDEO

video ranker

Video Ranker Works

Using the Page 1 Video Ranker methodology, you can expect similar results whether you select the DIY approach or Hire Us to do it for you. Either way, getting your content ranked on page 1 of Google for your targeted keyword phrase and your target City will improve your online marketing efforts because it will help increase your website visits and depending on your call to action, it will help you to grow your list and improve your sales funnel.

Summary and Call-to-Action

There are a handful of very powerful and very effective Video Marketing programs that are actively being marketed on the Internet right now. Page 1 Video Ranker is one of them. This is only “Pay for Performance” video marketing program that I am aware of. Another excellent Video Marketing program worth looking into is being offered by Lewis Howes and James Wedmore.

Their program is called Video Traffic Academy. This is more of a DIY video marketing training program vs. a pay to play model. As is usually the case, both programs follow a best-of-class video marketing process, in that you need to make sure you provide quality content, optimize properly, create links to the content so that it ranks high and quickly with the search engines. James and Lewis use a few other neat techniques that make the $97 fee wll worth the investment, but again, this is a DIY model vs. having it done for you. Most small businesses I work with don’t have the time or interest in learning how to use Camtasia or modern SEO best practices. How about you?

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