Video SEO

Video SEO requires unique Video SEO Techniques to get your Videos Viewed.

To get my videos to rank at the top of the search results, I use a unique set of Video SEO optimization techniques. Including;

  • H1 Title
  • Geo Tags
  • Video Tags
  • Meta Description
  • CC Transcription
  • My Secret Sauce

This video Ranks on Page 1 of both Google organic and YouTube for the long tail keyword How to Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google

Suggested Video Views on YouTube

Notice the EOV (end of video) panel that renders once the video is finished. These videos are what YouTube has determined are most relevant to the video that was just viewed. In some cases, when your videos show up in the suggested video feed, you can expect to get and additional 30% increase in video views.

Here’s an example of an EOV feed. As with Google organic results the more times your pages show up in the page 1 search results, the more traffic your content will generate. Getting 5 videos on the suggested video panel is not typical.

video seo technqiue

Video Analytics Suggested Video Traffic Source

Click the Analytics Tab to inspect which video the person was viewing before they saw and clicked your video thumbnail that showed up in the EOV results.

Suggested Video Traffic Source

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Neil Ferree Provides Social SEO and Content Marketing Services to the Small Business Community with Best Practices in Social, Local and Video Marketing Strategies and Techniques.
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