Visibli Toolbar Monetize Your Content & Shared Links

The New Visibli Toolbar enables you to Brand and Monetize your Content and shared Links. The guys who own and operate Visibli look at things this way:

Online Accounts are more than just virtual identities; they’re Assets!

Visibli helps large publishers (E! Online, NFL & Hollywood Celebs) and individual Tweeters like you and me to monetize our content and links. Each site you link to shows a web-based bar, with your brand and message above the destination page. Visibli launched in May 2009 and has seen significant growth ever since then. Visibli is part of the Extreme University accelerator program.

How to Share Links

There are 2 ways to share a link using Visibli

  • As a Bookmarklet
  • As a Code Snippet

Using the Visibli Bookmarklet

As you surf the web and come across interesting articles, videos, web pages etc. you just click the Visibli Bookmarklet you dragged to your browser Links bar and select the icon you want to send it too (be it Twitter or Facebook or Both). I usually send the link to both, since my Friends, Fans and Followers are pretty much in the same space.

When I send my monetized link to Twitter, I’m able to modify the text. I usually copy and paste the article headline and include this in the Visibli link, but you have to be careful not to go over the 140 character Twitter limit.

When I send the monetized link to Facebook, it automatically send the link with the meta data pulled right from the web page. As present, it defaults using the old “Assetize” logo as a thumbnail. You can uncheck the thumbnail box and send the link solo if you like. I’m still experimenting with this feature, so I can’t say which one gets more clicks yet. I suspect the link with the logo thumbnail is more appealing to the user seeing the link on Facebook.

Using the Visibli Code Snippet

If you host a Word Press Blog and you’ve installed the header|footer plug-in, it takes about 10 seconds to insert the java script code snippet Visibli provides, once you sign up as a User/Publisher.As a matter of fact, because I’ve installed the Visibli java script on my site, you’ll notice that any link you click on my site that sends you to another web page, the Visibli Toolbar automatically populates at the top of that web page. This is the viral effect and value I was interested in and I suspect you will like it too!

I’ll be doing a more thorough video on how to do this in a couple of days. Ping me, email me or give me a call at (424) 248-5122 or on Skype and I’ll walk you through this simple 3 step process.

Customized Toolbar

Visibli lets’ you customize your toolbar (even with the free version) with a robust set of options. Depending on if you want to grow your Twitter followers or promote a YouTube video or an affiliate program, you can tweak the toolbar to suit your needs.

My current Visibli Toolbar includes text links and image icons pointing to:

Click to View Larger Visibli Toolbar Image

Visibli Pricing Plans

  • Free
  • Standard $25 per Month
  • Pro $95 per Month
  • Premium $495 per Month

Click Here for their Pricing Plans and to view a chart that shows the additional features you get at each level. Suffice to say, for the small business guy like me, the free version provides good value and so far, a fair amount of clicks to my sites

Refer Your Friends and Earn 25% of What They Make!

Once you become a User/Publisher (for free) anyone you directly refer to Visibli that starts earning money, you will earn an additional 25% of their earnings as a bonus. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

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