Why Mobile is the Next Big Marketing Channel

Mobile is the next Big Marketing Channel and it is opening up a whole new world to business owners, website owners, and marketing professionals.

Did you know:

  • 1.8 Billion people send a text message every day
  • Text messages outnumber phone calls in the US
  • 95% of all text messages are read within 15 Minutes
  • 17% of all text messages are forwarded Virally
  • 20% of people respond to a text message
  • Twice as many people use text messaging as use email
  • 1/3 of human kind has mobile Internet access

A Wise Move

It would be a wise move to take action now and join the thousands of small business owners who are getting their own custom mobile website (with a .mobi extension) so they can take advantage of the explosion in Mobile Marketing.

A Simple Test

Want to see what your main website looks like on an iPhone?

Here’s a simple 4 step process to do just that.

  1. Visit http://iphonetester.com/?url=http://
  2. Add your business website URL (after) the http://
  3. Navigate your site to see how different it appears on an iPhone vs. a PC or a MAC
  4. Contact Me for a free Consultation on how to get your own .Mobi website

There are various ways to monetize your mobile traffic. Here’s one option: Click Here!

Admob is the #1 Mobile Ad Network having served in excess of 187 billion mobile ad impressions. Some say Apple’s iAd Network is going to be a game changer! I expect Google, Microsoft and the major PCS vendors will venture into this space as well.

Here’s the basic elements of a Mobile Ad courtesy of the SplashAdz.mobi network.

4 billion mobile phones is a big number. You can be sure more Mobile Ad Networks will be coming online soon. I’ll be tracking this emerging mobile ad space and update you guys with more facts & figures as they become available.

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Neil Ferree

Social SEO Consultant at Ferree Money
Neil Ferree Provides Social SEO and Content Marketing Services to the Small Business Community with Best Practices in Social, Local and Video Marketing Strategies and Techniques.
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  1. I agree Mobile is the next big marketing channel because now people can use internet on mobile phones. Thanks for telling in detail. iPhone Application Developer

  2. Excellent post and I agree with you that Mobile sites are growing both in popularity and usage on every front. Having a .Mobi site is as important as having the right domain name if you want to be competitive or not. This is how we do it Local Search Marketing

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